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An Exclusive Looking at Pepsi x Nike Kyrie 1 Uncle Drew Pe

In order to celebrating the return of the Uncle Drew starring Kyrie Irving tomorrow, Pepsi hooked up with Nike for a very limited run of Pepsi x Nike Kyrie 1 ‘Uncle Drew’. it is a setting for this kind of shoes with jacket and A Drew uncle doll and an Nike elite basketball socks and  a pair of Pepsi x Nike Kyrie 1 Uncle Drew Pe.

This setting of  iron box suits are not sold in the market. There are 150 sets in the world. They are donated to Irving’s  friends, Pepsi and so on. Only 15 setting will be  involved in the raffle by buying Pepsi in North America.


You may remember this pair which we shared in September. Slated to be a 2-of-2, Kyrie Irving and collector tmarkgotkickss were the only two with this Kyrie 1. Now it turns out that Nike and Pepsi has produced more.


We all know fans of Kyrie Irving and his first signature shoe would love to get their hands on the Pepsi edition of the Uncle Drew Nike Kyrie 1, but we have some unfortunate news. A limited run of 150 pairs were made, which is showed by a special emblem on the locker. Select media and friends of Irving will only receive this pair.

Using a cream white base, partial gum outsole, silver on the swoosh and red hitting the Kyrie logo. What’s cool about the Pepsi edition is the packaging. Each pair comes with a special locker, Uncle Drew bobblehead and what looks to be a bag.

For the traction: Nike calls it 360 degree dynamic traction and it certainly looks cool but it didn’t work all that great unless the floor was perfectly clean. I played on four different indoor courts and the only real bite, dime-stopping, leave your man flying by traction was on the newly refinished court at 24 Hour fitness.  But it will easy to collect the dust.The rubber is very sticky and picks up dirt so constant wipes are needed to keep the traction decent. So we suggest that you can play inside .However the performance is well .

For the material : It is used the nice material that soft ,also with the Nike Swoosh which 3M and full of the advertising channel words. Other distinguishing elements include a red-and-gold Kyrie logo on the tongue and the signature shark-tooth midsole design, dramatized with a brick-colored outsole.It is fashion and nice .

Zoom Air unit located in the forefoot, and its about 8-10mm thick which is great, then its encased in Phylon that becomes pretty damn dense. It is amazing , for me, I thought the cushion was decent, but the more I played in them the quicker the Phylon began to break down and become a solid piece of we can feel a little feeling of responsive.

There is the details inside .

The logo of tongue is the most highlight in this shoes .the logo and the concave-convex design was special.

The most eye-catching detail on this shoe has to be the heel counter and it’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle spikey shell. Its rises just high enough to cover the heel and still low enough to allow some freedom in movement. . The huge super studd heel counter does its job but imo is overkill but I guess it makes the shoe unique. The rest of the support comes from the lacing and the overlay, and if you play in the Kyrie you will feel the forefoot support piece pushing back on cuts and lateral movements.


There is the nice jacket with the shoes .

Overall ,  A limited run of 150 pairs were made, which is showed by a special emblem on the locker, you just have a lucky that got one .If you love Kyrie you’ll love this shoe no matter what but if you’re looking for a great hoops shoe look elsewhere .