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Nike Kobe AD NXT FF Performance Review

Although Kobe has retired, but the new released KOBE AD NXT FF still attracts many Kobe’s fans. Of course, I also love the cool appearance of KOBE AD NXT FF, let’s have a look at the performance of KOBE AD NXT FF today.
1. Full-length React Cushion
The cushion of Kobe FF close to full-length React. It doesn’t use insole fabric as many other Kobe series shoes. So the foot can touch React directly. I’m surprised that it doesn’t use ZOOM for KOBE FF. But the actual performance of React is great. The React of Kobe FF is not the same one as Hyperdunk 2017 and Superfly 2017, but it’s close to the React of Superfly MVP.
The insole configuration of Kobe FF is very thin. It can keep the good starting speed. The cushion of rear sole is obvious, I can feel the resilience obviously after playing one basketball game.
I think the performance of React is very excellent. You can feel the quick resilience. It’s almost a perfect cushion of defenders’ shoes.
▼The visible big React

2. Great Traction Performance
The outsole of Kobe FF is beautiful snake scale grain crystal outsole. We can see the configuration of insole directly. The traction performance of Kobe FF is great like most of Kobe series shoes. After testing in some different basketball courts, it hasn’t slipped.
▼Great Traction Performance

As we know, the abrasion resistance of crystal outsole is not good. But I think the abrasion resistance of Kobe AD NXT FF is better than Kobe 4 Protro. I suggest you to wear it to play basketball games on the indoor or plastic cement.
▼abrasion resistance is not good

3. Good fit
The biggest characteristic of Kobe AD NXT FF adopts the Fastfit system of Jordan 33. You only need to pull the red hand pull-ring, then the shoelaces can be tightened.
▼Fastfit system

The vamp of Kobe AD NXT FF is mesh fabric material which is similar to cicada’s wings material. It’s very thin and ventilated. It’s comfortable. We can see that the the Fastfit system of Kobe AD NXT FF also connect with Flywire under the thin vamp. It can fit the foot very well.
▼We can see the inner structure from the semi-transparent vamp

The thickness of Kobe AD NXT FF is moderate. The inner side and outer side of shoe heel is added with thicken liner. It also adds to lace up the vamp.

▼The vamp is solid

1. The supporting performance is weak, the anti-torsion performance is also not good enough
The material of Kobe AD NXT FF is good. But the supporting performance and stability is not good enough.
▼The vamp is very thin

▼The outsole is extending to both sides of vamp to strengthen the support

The torsion performance of Kobe AD NXT FF is not good. After playing about 1 hour, my foot is a little hurt.
The outsole of Kobe AD NXT FF is wide enough. It’s no problem for anti-rollover. The TPU on shoe heel is also a little weaken, but it doesn’t make troubles when playing basketball. Overall, the supporting performance of KOBE AD NXT FF is not perfect, but also not very bad.
▼The TPU plate on the shoe heel is not very stiff

Overall: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Shoe Tree: a little narrow
Size: Normal. If your foot is wide type, you may need to choose half size bigger.
KOBE AD NXT FF should be my favorite one of Kobe series after Kobe retired. I love is due to the semi-transparent vamp, good material, comfort feeling and great traction performance.
Although I think that the supporting performance is not enough, but I still love it.