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Nike Kobe 5 Chaos Protro Performance Review

The inspiration of colorway Kobe 5 Chaos comes from the joker in the movie Knight of Darkness. After ten years, Nike released Kobe 5 Chaos Protro. Let’s talk about it today.

The vamp of Kobe 5 Chaos Protro use Flywire technology to reduce the weight. The unit weight is only about 10 ounces. And it has full-length inner sleeve design. The padding on the ankle part is very thick, after fastening the shoelaces, it can fit the foot very well. It also has a big carbon plate on the outsole, which guarantee the anti-torsion performance. With the extending anti-rollover design from outsole, the protection of Kobe 5 Chaos Protro is very good.

Traction Performance

The outsole pattern is designed by the ECG of Kobe. The pattern of protro version is more intensive than Kobe 5 Chaos. The traction performance in wood floor court and plastic cement is excellent. But the durability should be the same as Kobe 5 Chaos. It’s better not to play basketball on outdoor court.

Cushion Performance

Many guys are concerned for the cushion performance. Kobe 5 Chaos Protro is upgraded. Kobe 5 Chaos uses oval ZOOM air cushion on forefoot sole and hexagon Zoom Air on rear sole. And Kobe 5 Chaos Protro uses Zoom Trubo on the forefoot sole and cushlon foam on rear sole. The rear sole is softer, but it hasn’t been more elastic than Kobe 5 Chaos. The elastic feedback of forefoot sole is excellent. The starting speed is fast. The feedback of ZOOM Turbo on forefoot sole is obvious better than Kyrie 6.

As the rear sole uses foam material, so the performance will decline.

Comparing with Kobe 5 Chaos, Kobe 5 Chaos Protro has changed a lot. Although the colorway is classic and the overall performance is great, but it doesn’t keep the classical elements of Kobe 5 Chaos. It will be a pity if you like the Kobe 5 Chaos.