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Nike Kobe 10 Elite Performance Review

Happy Mamba Day! 2020 has been an unlucky year so far. Kobe Bryant official retired 4 years ago. Apr. 13th has been defined as Mamba Day. We want to talk about the performance of KOBE 10 today.

Tester’s information:



Size:42(US 8.5)

Court: Indoor wood floor

Item:Nike Kobe 10 Elite

Material:Flyknit vamp, sponge padding, crystal rubber outsole, outboard carbon plate, full-length Lunarlon, ZOOM air cushion on rear sole


It’s the second time that KOBE signature shoes uses Flyknit material on the vamp. The first time is on Kobe 9 Elite. Although it’s Flyknit, but the vamp of KOBE 9 is stronger. And the vamp of KOBE 10 is thin and soft. Except the extra reinforcing part of shoe head, the other parts of Flyknit can fit the foot very well. It reduces the time of breaking-in. I think that the appearance of KOBE 9 looks better, but the comfort level of KOBE 10 is better than KOBE 9.

Cushion Performance:

Kobe has been the spokesman of Lunarlon. Lunarlon has been changed from the flushbonading insole of KOBE 8 and KOBE 9 to the traditional foam insole of KOBE 10. The full-length Lunarlon and the ZOOM air cushion on rear sole of KOBE 10 are covered with soft rubber. The advantage is to improve the enduring time of cushion performance. The disadvantage is, as the ZOOM cushion is covered with rubber, the feedback of insole will be slower and the resilience of ZOOM cushion is reduced. The main effect is absorbing shocks. This kind of insole configuration is enough for light and middle weight players.

Traction Performance:

The outsole pattern of Kobe 10 Elite comes from the tire of automobile race. It’s claimed as the best traction performance when releasing. Actually, the traction performance is excellent, but not the best one. The crystal rubber has viscosity, the traction performance is excellent on clean indoor wood floor. But I have slipped when there are a lot of dusts on the court. The traction performance of KOBE 10 can be the best one only in the clean indoor court.


The fitness is always the best advantages of KOBE signature shoes, so do KOBE 10 Elite. I think that the fitness of KOBE 10 Elite is better than EM version KOBE 10. Some guys said that the size of KOBE 10 Elite is small than normal size. But I think that the size of KOBE 10 Elite is standard size. It’s better to have a try on the physical store.
Supporting Performance

The design of KOBE 10 is not real high type. Even if fastening all of the shoelace holes, it can’t offer excellent support to the ankle. KOBE 10 still uses the symbolic KOBE series’ anti-rollover design. The soft rubber guarantee that Lunarlon and ZOOM air cushion won’t deform a lot when exercising. The outboard small carbon plate keeps the stability.  Although it doesn’t have arch supporting plate, but the stability is good. Of course, the supporting performance of KOBE 10 Elite can’t compare with the supporting defender shoes like adidas D Rose 7 and Jordan Why Not Zer0.1.

Abrasive Resistance:

The abrasive resistance of KOBE 10 Elite should be the worse one comparing with other KOBE series basketball shoes. The outsole pattern is easy to deform. It’s unsuitable to play basketball on the outdoor cement court.

Air Permeability:

The air permeability of KOBE 10 Elite is great. It’s cool. The Flyknit of Kobe 10 Elite is thin and light.

Although NIKE Kobe 10 Elite is not the most favorite basketball shoes in the KOBE series shoes. But the quality is great. The biggest disadvantage is the durability of outsole. The configuration of Kobe 10 Elite is worthy for its present price. It’s worthy to have a try if you like it.

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Nike Kobe 10 Performance Review

Most of my friends like the design of KOBE 10 and overall configuration, but I don’t like most of the colorways.

My feet are flat type. I have KOBE 10 and KOBE 11. The performance of KOBE 10 is normal, due to below reasons:

  1. The inner material is stiff. If I haven’t worn thick socks, the feeling is worse than Air Force 1.
  2. It needs times to break in the big air cushion of rear sole. I haven’t felt the feedback of Lunar till now.

But after one month (playing about 10 basketball games), I felt that Kobe 10 is customized for me.

  1. As a pair of low models, the anti-rollover performance is excellent. It’s also good looking. It’s quite stable when making some big movements.

Some guys think that the carbon plate is uncomfortable, but the stability is excellent. It’s worthy.

  1. One of the advertising stunts is the excellent traction performance. The feedback is great, not matter the urgent stop or starting.

I’m very satisfied at the excellent traction and anti-rollover performance.

But I’m unsatisfied at below 4 parts:

  1. The shoelaces are easy to loosen. It will affect the actual combat. Below fastening ways are very suitable for the eely shoelaces.
  2. As I mentioned, I can’t feel the feedback of Lunar cushion.
  3. The durability of outsole is not good. It’s unsuitable to play on cement basketball court.
  4. The comfort level is not good due to the stiff vamp and anti-rollover function. It needs to wear thick socks.
  5. The air permeability is bad. The ventilated holes are useless. But it’s waterproof.

For cushion performance, although the feedback of Lunar is bad, but the big ZOOM air cushion of rear sole is great. It’s different with the feedback of Boost, the feedback is excellent.

Comparing with other low type shoes, the supporting performance of KOBE 10 is good.

The starting speed of forefoot sole is fast. It’s very suitable to defenders. The traction performance is excellent, but the durability of outsole is not good, so it’s only suitable to playing indoor basketball court.

The center of gravity for anti-rollover is good. The anti-rollover design is great comparing with other low type shoes. It’s safe and the appearance is good looking.