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NIKE KD7 Thunderbolt Performance Review

Hi, guys, many fans want to see the performance of KD7 Thunderbolt. After playing about 20 basketball games on the outdoor cement court, below is our performance review of KD7 Thunderbolt

Traction Performance:9 scores

The outsole is irregular wave lines. The traction performance is great. As it has big space in the lines, so it won’t be easy to absorb dust. The traction performance is better than normal herringbone grain.

Durability/Abrasive Resistance: 8 scores

The rubber of KD7 Thunderbolt is soft. But the grain is deep. It’s suitable for playing in outdoor court. The abrasive resistance is good.

Cushion Performance:9 scores

The cushion performance of KD7 Thunderbolt is excellent. The rear sole uses Max Zoom. It’s stable. This kind of cushion configuration is suitable for most of people.

Fitness: 8 scores
It needs time to break-in the fitness of shoe heel. The material of shoe heel is flightposite, it should be the upgraded foamposite. The main material of vamp is mesh fabric. It has Velcro design above the shoelaces. Normally the shoe tree of KD series is not wide, but KD7 Thunderbolt is suitable for the guys who has wide feet.

Vamp Supporting Performance: 6 scores

If you have disease of ankle, it’s better not to choose KD7 Thunderbolt.  The biggest problem is the part of forefoot. The strength of mesh fabric is week. It doesn’t have hot-pressing or upturning design of insole. The shoelaces is useful, after fastening the shoelaces, it will lock your feet very well.

Anti-rollover Performance:7 scores

KD7 Thunderbolt has the outrigger design. It’s not exaggerated, but it’s useful. My ankle strength is strong, so it’s stable for me, it doesn’t have big risk for me to sprain the ankle.
Anti-torsion Performance: 9 scores

It has a big piece of stiff TPU supporting plate. It’s stable. The anti-torsion performance is good.

Air Permeability: 7 scores
The mesh fabric has good air permeability, but the flightposite material on the shoe heel is stuffy.

Weight:9 scores

Due to the excellent cushion configuration, the weight of KD7 Thunderbolt is already light with such configuration.
Appearance: 9 scores

The appearance of KD7 Thunderbolt is cool. I think it’s the most beautiful one in the KD series. Every colorway looks good. And it has excellent performance.

Overall: 81 scores

I love the appearance of KD7 Thunderbolt. The overall performance is good. The traction performance and cushion performance are excellent. It doesn’t have obvious disadvantages. It’s worthy to have a try if you like it.