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Nike Free Flyknit Mercurial Performance Review

One of the boldest silhouettes in Nike Sportswear’s current rotation— Nike Free Flyknit Mercurial Superfly .it is total new design ,so how is look?

Today we are checking it .


So whats the Nike Free Flyknit Mercurial ?In the year 2014, the famous trio Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker, popularly known as HTM, teamed up to transform the Nike Mercurial Superfly, a revolutionary soccer shoe created in the year 2009, into a piece of art worthy to be strutted off the field and in the city streets. Thats the story of  Nike Free Flyknit Mercurial .

Nike free flyknit mercurial attract a lot of people who enthusiasts ,the wrapping and support are amazing, it can protect the feet well. Also if you running with  it,you can feel amazing , the good supporting and the soft material also let you can feel barefoot walking. And FLYKNIT is newest  and main tech from nike in recently year, giving you the feeling of non-shoes but the feeling socks.

Nike free flyknit mercurial released the color black and fluorescent green , and then more color, such as  “Pure Platinum / Obsidian” color , the entire shoes  using a steady gray and Black tone, it is  integration into leather and Flyknit fabric combination, splash ink insole to embellishment, it is a shoes with sports and fashion,that  is also a major highlight of Nike’s free flyknit mercurial series.

For the supporting :This shoe looks  very similar to the LunarEpic, but with different outsole tooling — Nike may be looking to “streamline” its silhouettes and technology, then the supporting , I have to say it is really normal .maybe it just from the materail ,but this high-rise sneaker may look weird and unusual. However, there are those who are impressed with this shoe’s design stating that it looks modern and stylish. The ones who do find it attractive has proven that this piece of footwear is truly eye-catching.

For the traction : The Nike Zoom Mercurial Flyknit can be worn for long hours without any problems ,and this shoe was lightweight, breathable and offers good traction.and the sneaker’s sole provided significant cushioning, thus offering plush comfort underfoot.

However, can only be enjoyed by a few as this shoe is steeply priced and is released in limited quantities. The ones who are able to buy it consider themselves lucky. I am so  lucky got one .Not only are they able to flaunt its unusual style, they also get the chance to experience the plush comfort it provides.

The material is amazing ,The material used on this shoe’s upper was super flexible, most confirmed.The Zoom Mercurial Flyknit fits consumers with narrow as well as wide feet, so maybe you can find the right size . otherwise you you will  feel extremely tight around the ankle.for me , I am a  fancy the unique and eccentric, on the other hand, would instantly perceive this work as a fashionable piece.

Overall ,“Clean”, “futuristic”, “unique” and “cool” were words commonly used by purchasers of this product to describe its silhouette.The soft material and amazing grip ,wrapping then the  cushioning  just so so  , it is worth .