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Nike LeBron Ambassador 10(X) Performance Review

LeBron’s shoes will be a lot colorways  than other series. the cheaper and still-popular— Witness, the low version of the lebron. As much as Soldier’s cushioning and low-cut design which give LeBron fans a lot of opportunities to buy.


Nike LeBron Ambassador X look similar with 9 ,Almost the same outsole  and texture ,but there is  a little  different  design of the shoe. whether it is the new set-up, or a special strap design or  update cushioning ,all of these have been become a new popular shoes in this sneaker world.The Nike Ambassador X has all it takes to play some good basketball including a front and back Zoom Air and a fitted bootie construction. It’s a budget shoe compared to the LeBron 15 and Soldier 11, but holds its own on the basketball court.

For the traction :With the XDR rubber outsole and its traction pattern and a diamond grid traction pattern with strategically placed herringbone waves  used .The traction works  well. Personly ,I think the outrigger is not outlandish but responsive with direct contact. The wrap-around along the lateral traction helps with hard cuts without losing any transitional movement either. overall , it is great .

There is a 23  number  on the bottom 

There is a special design of strap that follow last version .We would have liked it to play the same role as the Kyrie 2 Velcro strap, but seems it have nothing  to provide support.

The strap of the shoes will be lockdown more for  thin player  (because the straps can provide the support ), and for many wilder player , I dont think it better   ,they just “barely able Feel oppressed for feet “only. The role of straps just  fixed shoelace in order to avoid to  loose shoelace in practice,that is will be good .

Of course, in addition to the tight of wrapping ,  socks design can be good at wrapping and protection . Tiger flutter launched the best city theme elite socks is a very cost-effective choice. High top design plus 3D imitation ankle perfect wrap your feet, while the thick texture of socks models can support warm . 

For cushioning : Forefoot and heel Zoom used , it is amazing . This type of cushion setup should be the standard, regardless of any model. There was absolutely no break-in time needed, especially because the cushion is responsive right out of the box.

That outsole, is comprised of Nike’s signature XDR rubber, which is made specifically for player on outdoor courts that are typically unkind to the pliable rubber on the bottom.

The forefoot Zoom Air bag is slightly bigger along the forefoot which  plant heavily on the ball of their feet will definitely will feel the cushion.

we can see the logo of the tongue and midsole .and the midsole TPU actually can not twist it. Because the  TPU  basically traverses the midsole to support, and  thickness and hardness of the cushioning can provide the supporting .

For the supporting : the cushioning is great ,but it from the cushioning and materail , also the strap will ca offer the supporting  .The fit was great with its awesome lacing setup, while the cushioning was more than adequate.  The XDR rubber traction really great to the ground without restricting me from stop and go movement.

Overall, he Ambassador X is simply a fantastic shoe. While it is a little  differs from the Ambassador 9, it features many similarities that continue to provide consistent performance. Everything you need in a Nike basketball shoe, for the  cushion, materials, traction, support, fit are great .