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Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Deconstructed Report

Do you remember the Air Max 2016  ?  Now the Nike has been released  the  new  Air Max 2017.While the Air Max line has been responsible for millions of dollars in sneaker sales since its inception in 1987. And The revolution described in the first ad campaign around the shoes totally different .  Gone are the days of iconic designs like the Air Max 90 and Air Max 95, and delete since the big bag of the Air Max 2009.

We are talking about it today .


For the material ;Many people loved the design of the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit’s upper unit, stating that it looked cool. for this material , it is amazing . The Flyknit material has more stretch to it than that of models like the Flyknit Racer, which is welcome given the somewhat constricting shape of the midfoot.


We can see the details for this material, the ventilation is amazing .

There are 10 flykwire , the first nine oblique angle consistent and orderly arrangement, the first 10 fly line and the 9 fly line share fifth lace hole.

we can see more details for the flyknit line from these picture .

From left to right, only one flykwire  line (marked with a yellow fly line from left to right


Followed by a gray foam padding to improve stability

Gray insole  followed by printed VAPORMAX logo

Finite element analysis informs the patterns and tubes that shape the sole. The shoe’s been in development at Nike for seven years, with rigorous product testing throughout.

For the cushioning , The cushioning system is especially notable for its lack of foam—the traditional midsole is gone and the Flyknit upper sits directly on top of the Air bag.   “It’s always been launching first as a performance-true product, and then later being adopted by culture,” Jobe told Sole Collector.  so the nike utilized the new design .

Fot the cushioning , it is totally new and great .on a run the shoe delivers a very bouncy ride that’s more present in the back half of the sole. The feeling of Air is certainly there to a greater extent than on any Air Max I’ve worn before.

The jumbo bubble also evokes a sense of fragility.


Left cross-sectional view, VAPORMAX cushion internal structure


VAPORMAX cushion front and side section contrast

We used the Red  clips to  pass through  different TPU LUGS  easily 

it’s a visually striking model that almost demands the attention of onlookers with its alien sole. There’s an auditory element to the sneaker as an announcement as well, although that one is not totally positive. It’s a bit loud, the VaporMax’s big bubble still squeaking after a few days of regular wear.

then we used the red color to mark the different TPU  lugs  ,we  can see clearly for this  cushioning .


Here we test the data for the TPU lugs ,including the wide , length and so on  

we will use a knife to simulate the daily wear process may follow the heel side to some sharp objects

 Using the  knife to scratch the cushioning , then we can see it is durability  

We can see the logs data : it is 0.90 mm thickness, it is durability

Again, we test the midsole  cushioning  , it is the same result .

Then we  will test the Air cushion bottom as below :


we chose  thumbtack to test   which the The total length of the thumbtack is about 8.02 mm

we  can see more details  from these pictures

we wear it  and through it 

The front palm on both sides into a pushpin  for the  thumbtack

The midsole cushioning push in one thumbtack


But when we  pluck the  thumbtack , VAPORMAX air cushion loss of pressure,  we can  feeling the  ground directly

Overall , it is amazing , “What’s different here is that the properties of Air are still there—that protection, that durability, that resiliency—but what’s been always elusive to us is that sensation of air,” so it is , the great amazing ,and especially for the cushion , dont miss it .