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Detailed Look and Review: Nike Air VaporMax 97 ‘Japan’

The shoe box of Nike Air VaporMax 97 “Japan”is the same as Nike Sportswear.

The first releasing colorway is gray, black vamp with fluorescent green sole. It puts the classic vamp of Air Max 97 with the full-length semi-transparent Air VaporMax cushion.

From the front side, we can see that the shoe head is cocking-up.

From the reverse side, we can see the big air cushion on the shoe heel.

The pull-tab on the shoe heel is embroidered with AIR MAX, which keep the design of Air Max 97 Japan.

The vamp side is embroidered with fluorescent green Swoosh logo.

The shoe tongue is also embroidered with fluorescent green Swoosh logo.

The shoelaces is silver gray. It keeps the hidden fast shoelacing design of Air Max 97.

The vamp also keeps the symbolic 3M reflective stripe of Air Max 97.

The outsole is the same as VaporMax. The big Air Cushion is exposed outside.

Due to the special design of outsole grain, we can feel the resilience when walking.

The rear sole also has the Swoosh logo. And the rear sole of VaporMax is VAPORMAX logo.

The shoe-pad is the same as VaporMax, it’s printed with green VAPORMAX.

Comparing with VaporMax 97, the air cushion and insole of Air Max 97 is changed to the air cushion of VaporMax, so the weight is reduced.

The unit weight of Nike Air VaporMax 97 EUR43 is about 363.9g, and the unit weight of Nike Air Max 97 is about 432.5g.

Air Max 97 remodel the classic model, it keeps the advantages of Air Max 97 ‘JAPAN’, and it’s also comfortable as VaporMax. The full-length VaporMax Air Cushion has excellent cushion performance. The resilience is great. And it’s lighter and more durable. Moreover, the colorway is cool and very attractive.