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Nike Air Max 1/97 SW Collector’s Dream Performance Review

To no surprise, the verdict for Sean Wotherspoon is the the part of this year’s Air Max Day, also the nike incredible hyped before released .It is the brainchild of vintage store owner and collector extraordinaire Sean Wotherspoon. Although already well-known in certain circles, he was ushered into the international limelight when he beat 11 other hand-picked creatives to win last years ‘Vote Forward’.

For the box ,it is specially  , it red color with suede material which unlike the normal box

As the usually , the box have the info of the site .

Then there are some details inside , the paper , the shoes lace with different color .and the label



So,there are three color -blue, white ,black for lace , is it enough?


When you look at this inspired combination of the Air Max 1 sole and the Air Max 97 uppers it is easy to see how it was his design that won the final vote. This fusion works so well that it seems strange that no one has considered it before. Wotherspoon’s passion for the 1980’s and 90’s is shines through with the warm palette of colours. As one of the world’s foremost collectors of vintage shoes and apparel, Sean Wotherspoon created the Air Max 1/97 SW for 2017’s Vote Forward competition—and won.

Wotherspoon selected corduroy in homage to vintage caps that are a personal favorite.maybe his experience or his person style .The venture has gained a loyal following and store in LA and New York have now been opened. It was this obsessive passion for the culture that caught Nike’s attention, led him to him being one of the chosen contestants and led to the creation of this absolute peach of style.He used the matte surface that look nice texture, then the fabric works perfectly with this new fusion of Air Max styles. So the shoes just show a lot  personal style . It is understandable that the early release of the shoe in Wotherspoon’s home town had to be cancelled due to too the size of the crowd causing a ‘public disturbance’.

There  are some details as below :

The shoe came as a pre-release in America already on the market. The quantities were very limited and accordingly, and the price went up in the air. The phrase “From the community to the community” seems to have been taken seriously. Unfortunately, it is also here so the currently recognizable is the demand and offer will not match.

For the traction  ,seem the grip is nice

We have some pictures for you here, we wish you all a successful release and above all, have fun with the shoe!

For the fitting : Some people said it is true size ,but if you are wilder footer, Our recommendation is in any case half a size down. Of course, everyone has to decide for themselves, so this is an indication.

Of course, it is very difficult to estimate which size to take. We have the shoe in a US9 and wear a US 9.5 on the Nike Air Max 1.Just choose the size that you bought.

Overall, There are the Velcropatches as wave variant and of course the Swoosh variant. A hybrid, a new silhouette also attracted by a lot of people .The shoe comes factory laced with the yellow laces, but we decided on the photos for blue. You get a total of 4 pairs of laces to the shoe, purple, white, blue and of course yellow.

To be continue

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