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Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit Performance Review

Inspired by the Nike Air Max 93 and the Nike Air Max 180, the Nike Air Max 270 combines the advantages of two type of shoes, with an amazing air-cushioning cushion, also this one not only as a  tribute to the last model, but also as  a new prelude to the Air Max family.

The Air Max 270 Flyknit is similar to the Air Max 270 for the type, but  the designer wants to give the Air Max 270 Flyknit a difference, so the designer used a build comprised of a one piece knit bootie, this version of the Air Max 270 will fit a bit more comfortably than the engineered mesh version

I thought that Nike’s “Air-Sole” air cushion first used and it has become a part of Nike. Nowadays, Nike is always trying to innovation


The shoe comes in bold colorways and it comes in men’s, women’s, and kid’s versions.I bought the blue with yellow one . it is look brightly.

Nike Air Max 270 is an everyday shoe that combines style and comfort.It is a casual shoes also we can wear it as a running shoes.


The shoe features a minimalistic upper and a visible Air Unit, which is a zest of the model. It is the tallest Air Unit in history, its height is 32 mm.  Cushioning is excellent, whether it is shopping or walking.

I have heard that the Max Air 270 air cushion would be more color scheme . I did not expect to introduce a woven Flyknit version that is more breathable and does not require shoelaces, it is worth the price .


Nike Air Max 270 features a brand new, sleek, engineered mesh upper. It is stretchy, durable, and breathable.As we know the material of  Flyknit-infused uppers will be more more durable compared to its counterparts.So Nike team just released this kind of shoes .

You must know the Flyknit material , so take on these shoes can be laced or not laced, which is the reason why  the design team used the lace hole so low profile .

“Air ” is written on the inside of the left foot and “270” on the inside of the right foot. It looks quite cute.


A new engineered mesh upper is breathable and it prevents sweat and irritation. There are models that feature a Flyknit upper, which is breathable, flexible, and durable at the same time.Also the ventilation is amazing . maybe the reason of material used will be more  breathable

The tongue prints the Air 270 lettering, and the Air Max 270 Flyknit uses a tighter fabric to provide more protection for the toe and heel, while securing the structure and locking the feet.

We can see the MAX  of the front the forefoot. it is different the basketball shoes anyway


The back of the Air Max 270 Flyknit shoe is covered with leather. Both shoes are stamped with the “Air ” logo, which has a slight conflict with the Flyknit upper. Personally, this combination is quite nice.


A one-piece tongue and the collar are padded and there are pull tabs for easy on and off. The insole is soft and it gives a higher graded comfort.

Nike has used the tallest Air Unit in history, its height is 32 mm. Its main goal is to provide the best cushioning ever. This massive U-shaped Air Max unit is seamlessly integrated with the transparent plastic heel counter — this should offer stability from outsole to heel.

The sole is the same as the last model of Air Max 270. The front foot is a double-density foam sole. Only the U-shaped, perhaps a shoe for casual life.

An asymmetrical lacing system ensures a snug fit.

The rubber pods and they give good traction. Besides, EVA foam improves cushioning and flex grooves enhance flexibility.


The Air Max 270 Flyknit upper adds an  breathable area. Although it is the same as the Air Max 270 mesh version, it is a sock-type shoe , but the Flyknit sock-style cover is more suitable. It will also be quite comfortable.



The one-piece upper Air Max 270 Flyknit is the focus of the whole body. Many fashion guy will buy this newest type, with the right jeans or wide pants. It’s not a problem to be fashionable or sporty.


Designers used the surprise elements into the Air Max 270 Flyknit, such as the beautiful text on the inside of the upper, the front of  the toe and the side without additional overlays or color combinations.

A mesh or Flyknit upper is flexible and it allows the natural foot’s motion, a dual-density foam in the midsole and EVA foam in the outsole also make the shoe flexible.


In fact, there is no significant difference between the court feeling of the Air Max 270, but the advantage of Flyknit is that the upper is more breathable, and the tighter fabric provides more protection for the toe and heel. Overall, Air Max 270 Flyknit’s elastic upper and thick air cushion are really good choices.




Overall,Flyknit Technology means that with the help of a special loom, fully controlled by a computer, a solid one-piece construction is sewn.If you need a perfect lifestyle shoe which can be worn for different occasions, Nike Air Max 270 is your ultimate choice.