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Nike Lebron Soldier 12 SFG EP Performance Review

The playoffs is coming and many teams from the eastern and western  were fighting against each other.As the current king of the NBA, LeBron James, also ushered in his own new playoff boots – solider 12 , which  maintain the design style of the Solider series that emphasizes protection and practicality. What exactly is the performance of the new fighters? They need to be tested.


Nike LeBron Soldier 12

Release Date: April 19, 2018


Color: Black/Black-Hazel Rush

Style Code: AO4054-001

Solider 12 continues strap style which followed solider 10 . it is  inheriting tradition while incorporating innovative designs. From the previous  version of multiple straps into two cross-over designs, the style change is not only to make the uppers more concise, but also brings a more convenient way of tightening.

The toe cap was made of camo aesthetic fabric and the BATTLEKNIT  material,it was suit for the Jmaes . Since the Soldier 10, the Swoosh has stripped this subsidiary of the King’s signature line of its laces, and that is no different for its 12th installment.  The design of  shoe with the sock collar closely following the trend of current basketball shoes. The elastic  weaving  material also makes it easy for the Solider 12 to played. there is no pressure on  foot, and there is basically no problem for everyone to wear.

After the upper-legged warriors 12, they could clearly feel the feeling of  BATTLEKNIT knitted upper without sticking the straps.I mean we jump and running or moving, we can feeling it clearly .  Liner-lined Lycra fabrics can still feel very smooth and comfortable under the socks.



For the weight : it just only the 413.6 g for the size us 11, it is a little light compare with last version , maybe it used the lightweight material this time . I can control myself well.especial in the emergency stop jumper and breakthrough , I feel it will process  smoothly.

The fabric of the toe position and the stitching area ‘s  surface is more  connected naturally, and the bending is easy. I can not feel harder,there is no hard feeling.

For the traction : XDR rubber is nice and the wear resistance is amazing , it have been not any wear resistance  after 2 hours .

Compare with the Lebron 15,it utilizes two overlapping straps for lockdown as well as a velcro strip on its heel for the ultimate fit.

Just from experience of out court , for me ,  I  felt that the performance of Solider 12 was better than that of the Lebron 15  series. In the multi-dimensional test of emergency stop, also in the breakthrough and lateral movement test , the soldiers 12  work well , it did not have any slipping when playing . The excellent grip performance is very important for the flexible players.

The outsole of the Solider 12 is not a  single direction for the bottom, but there are texture orientations at multiple angles. In this way, you can be sure that you can feel the frictional resistance whatever when you running , also you can feel the grip well between the stripe texture and the ground .

For the material : Black mesh makes up for the majority of its upper while woodland camouflage overlays can be found on the toe and the heel. The shoe features a mostly black upper with army-style star detailing and a Nike swoosh adorning the straps, while a camouflage covers the toe box and adds a touch of color to the heel cage as well.

Because of Solider 12 used the BATTLEKNIT knitted upper, and the simple weaving  can only bring a very common coating effect, so the strap is helping a lot. In the case of tightening the straps, it clearly feel a very tight wrapping experience. The sneakers have a high degree of fit during the exercise, and the pace is smooth without dragging when playing.


The design of the cross straps naturally has certain drawbacks, because the ankles will be more  move forward, left, and right, and the large foot movements make the Velcro open unconsciously. Without knowing it, it is easy to sprain the ankle due to lack of parcels.

After two hours of actual combat , the inner and outer strap buckles of the fighter 12 are still intact. The fracture problem that we are concerned with may be related to the long-term exercise pull. However, there was a slight opening of the glue between the straps and the midsole.

After several trials on the court, I felt the velcro is  work well , it  can lockdown the feet, the degree of fixation to the ankle is better, but because the cheekbone is in direct contact with the Velcro, it is easily split; maybe that is the  disadvantage for the design .

For the cushioning : it also improved. After two hours of combat tests, the inner and outer strap  of the solider 12 are still intact. The fracture problem that we are concerned with may be related to the long-term exercise pull. However, there was a slight opening of the glue between the straps and the midsole.A gum outsole and large “Zoom” midsole branding finish off the shoe’s combat-ready look.


Overall, Solider 12 is a sticks and new one .Actual configuration is absolutely undoubted, but some small battlements are also worth exploring. After all, actual combat shoes are born for actual combat. Focusing on actual combat experience can be considered excellent.