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Beginning of Champion Way with Air Zoom Generation SVSM And LeBron Soldier 1

Since James join NBA from St. Vincent St. Mary’s high school (svsm), almost every generation of James’s signature boots has SVSM colorway . This time, the first pair of SVSM colored James boots was sold.And I am so lucky to got one .

A talented high school who joined NBA in the first year ,James got the first signature shoes in that year , the Air Zoom Generation has been his starting point , now  James has welcomed his fifteenth pairs of signature shoes ti now .

Air Zoom Generation SVSM utilizes a Metallic Gold and Deep Forest color scheme. Earlier this year, the King flaunted a PE version of this sneaker to the world and it quickly became one of the most talked-about exclusives seen on James’ feet in recent memory.

The SVSM  logo as usually , but this time it  used the Embroidery for this logo.the Air Zoom Generation ‘SVSM’ began as a PE 15 years ago. It honors LeBron’s hometown high school and alma mater St. Vincent-St. Mary.

There is the name on the tongue .

The material is nice , it is mesh with leather together , the leather is soft , but the fabric is a little stiff. Then the cushioning with the the Zoom Air in the forefoot which provide a more cushioned pad to land on. It’s very well done, and feels more like a softer foam than an air mattress.

The supporting is not too bad , maybe the support plate offer the most supporting .then the lace system also  changing from the tradition way . it is seems easily  with  two golden lace hole .

For the LeBron Soldier 1, LeBron James debuted this Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier 1 during the 2007 NBA Playoffs, LeBron got his first taste of the NBA Finals thanks to an incredible momentum-shifting performance in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Detroit Pistons. LeBron scored 25 straight points in a double-OT thriller .He just wearing with this one in the game , so this one is his start point .

For the box , it is simply .

Here a lot of  Lebron logo  whatever the paper wrapping  or the  box card .

The first LeBron Soldier model with white, navy, and gold colorway. Nike is re-issuing this shoe for the first time as part of a larger 16-pair collection of footwear that celebrates the NBA Playoffs and the sixteen wins.

The shoe comes with a strap across the midfoot equipped with Zoom technology. And the white, navy, and gold together will be nice .


For the traction :the traction pattern is not bad , the grip is work well .

The word in the middle of the right foot is Family, Fearless. The family is fearless

The word “passion”, “vision”, “win” is the middle of the left foot. Passion, view, victory

For the material :  it is used the leather  ,but since the Lebron 2, it is used different material such as the mesh or nubuck mudguard.  for me , the latest will be great , Because of the ventilation is will be better then the supporting will be great too .


The strap is  not bad which can help you lockdown your feet well The strap is the key to the improved lockdown because it really pulls the ankle back and down.  but the newest Lebrun  already changing the strap , the Lebron 15 used  four straps instead of the lace system . Last years two front straps just pulled the foot down and not back while the top strap just held the ankle.

Here are the picture  that compares .

The ventilation  just not good maybe the material ,though there  are hole for air .

Overall ,these two shoes were the  my favorite , also they are the beginning of James . James have been a miracle  till now , especially for this year . During this season’s playoffs, James has accounted for nearly a third of his team’s box-score statistics: points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocked shots.James has contributed 32 percent of the Cavaliers’ stats, he is a miracle star .