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Nike LeBron 12 Performance Review

LeBron James may be one of the biggest names on the basketball court, Also in the sneaker world .

And LeBron-branded shoe sales top those of any active NBA players, but shoes branded in Jordan’s name still top the overall market, despite the fact that the former Chicago Bull quit the game for good in 2002.

Today we are talking about it

I know Lebron said he had some toe issues but I’m also guessing he felt that pinch between the insole and upper whenever he’d cut.So he will choose the sneaker strictly .

For out box ,there is nothing special .But have the logo of Lebron

There are the name of Lebron of the side

For traction : The Lebron 12 uses a multidirectional outsole pattern which you will find inside the individual hexagons plus an outer rubber for added traction.  According to James forehead pressure distribution, designer  placed the six hexagonal to share the pressure . This pattern works decently as long as you wipe and performs much better than the XI ,I didn’t feel any slipping throughout all my runs and you’re good to go with sudden stops and change in direction. The hexagonal units always make contact with the ground pretty evenly so you get a good amount of grip all the time.

For cushioning : The Lebron 12 features Hexagonal Zoom Air cushioning which has individual six hexagon zoom units mapped to the pressure points of the foot, plus zoom in the heel.Zero bounce or responsiveness which disappointed me because they look great. Granted, i couldn’t feel the difference in pressure when running orsudden stops and change in direction. It did its job well . The hexagon zoom not only improve the grip ,but also decrease the pressure from jump pr fall down .

For supporting : Hyperposite used in James 12 , this is the reason why I  choose it . it is lock your ankles and heel in place and wrap around it well. I actually feel like it is a hindrance and takes away from the natural feeling the shoe could have had. In addition  outriggers to keep your foot from rolling over.  You c an feel your feet always be protected by sneakers .

For fit :They fit true to size. But for the wilder footer ,I suggest that you can buy over a half size ,I loved  this lockdown because of  excellent lacy system .

Overall ,James 12 have good and comfortable cushioning, good fit and traction, and lots of support , I have to say dont miss it .

How about your opinion ?

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Nike LeBron 14 BHM performance Review ,is it perfect ?

It’ s Christmas Day and Nike just officially unveiled the shoes LeBron James will be wearing against the Golden State Warriors: the Nike LeBron 14

1,Hex Zoom Air


Since from Lebron 12, the series of Lebron have been utilized the zoom air , but there are a little difference in every generation . Lebron 14 utilize large block hex zoom air in heel than before generation ,and the forefoot is based on the force (at least should be LeBron James I often force the position) to arrange the other three small Zoom Air they are in the lateral forefoot medial, lateral, and near the arch under.

The hexagonal Zoom Air feature is very elastic, not too soft, This tech just use in the LeBron12 / 13  several  training shoes.

When i wear it play in the first time , i feel it is a little stiff . But reaction of zoom air is fast than KD 9/AJ 13 . Here is open hole in the heel , we can see the logo of Lebron James .

2,Grip well

The digi-camo pattern gripped well but there are tiny Areas that have been cored out and dust will collect in those users quickly. Keeping them clean is a must if you want to maintain grip on-court.

The rubber of rubber compound Nike tweets to use is what helped maintain traction in between wiping because it’s fairly soft and a bit tacky.Also it is will collect dust quickly.

And Lebron 14 will worn quickly if you play  basketball in the outdoor ground .but it will not destroy the rubber on your shoes within a matter of days.


The material of vamp is slightly more complicated. Lebron 14 abandoned the material of Hyperposite,using three layer type light vamp and elastic cloth inner layer this time . there is a hole in the foam and using thin fabric in outer layer , Overall is very light .

The design of full inner shoe,seems similar to the Soldier10 , but it is very hard to wear , we need to clutch the tongue and heel of the pull ring to wear .And it is can not protect the ankle ,even though it is high version of shoes .

It is a little TPU exist, but it is not effect when we play basketball . Overall the shoes is quite decent, comfortable and breathable .

4,Exquisite details

Starting the color of the black can be said to be plain, but this pair of BHM color can be said to be shine . Straps on the hook of the Phnom Penh, gold powder,on the shoelace , the metal of shoeslace,  tongue and heel  bronzing LeBron James logo and so on, all of these have shown that LeBron 14 BHM is worth!

Overall – The LeBron 14 isn’t perfect,Traction wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t bad either; it’ll get the job done so long as you keep it clean.if want or need impact protection while still being able to move freely