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Jordan Super.Fly MVP Performance Review

Jordan’s Super.Fly line is one of the Jumpman’s premier on-court footwear options, combining an attractive aesthetic appeal with the comfort and durability any hooper needs. Next up for the Super.Fly line is the MVP silhouette that Kemba Walker debuted on court during the USA Basketball mini-camp in Las Vegas.


This traction setup is awesome. I’ve been playing in the translucent option and the rubber compound, in conjunction with the traction pattern, work beautifully.


The outsole is composed of five concentric circles, and the distance between the circles is narrow. This kind of grain pattern design contains both horizontal and vertical, which is very similar to the composition principle of fishbone lines. Therefore, the grip naturally shows very stable, especially like its impetuous movement in the lateral direction.

Super.Fly MVP outsole rubber material is hard and the texture is not particularly sticky. The situation is not significant , but it is important to pay attention to the grip when testing in outdoor court. Not as smooth as indoors, there have been sporadic small slips in the forefoot area, but overall the overall grip performance of Super.Fly MVP will still satisfy most wearers.







Super.Fly MVP used a full-foot React midsole. I think React technology is used in Nike and Jordan Brand basketball shoes. First of all, from the  foot court feeling , Super.Fly MVP is much better than Hyperdunk 2017 , Super.Fly 2017, although not as soft  as some Zoom Air, but compared to  Phylon foam material which used in other brand, it  has more obvious rebound elasticity.

The full length  midsole in the Super.Fly MVP, it is also the same as most basketball shoes. The thickness of forefoot configuration means that the cushioning of the front  may be different. However, this situation is not obvious in Super.Fly MVP. I think that the two blocks with different thicknesses have sufficient cushioning, and there is no “pre-hard and soft” condition.

Responsive :


React is also a foaming material that provides excellent and comfortable cushioning in Super.Fly MVP, but at the cost of sacrificing partial response. Super.Fly MVP midsole is obviously thicker, although it does not have a feeling of heightening, but for the shoe friends who rely on the first quick start, the feeling of sticking to the feet is absolutely not satisfactory. In addition, Super.Fly MVP design increases the area of the outsole to contact the ground, unlike most basketball shoes outsole middle section (foot arch position), adopting indentation (small touch area) design, running from time to time will feel This area hinders the natural bending of the feet and is less ergonomic.



Super.Fly MVP used the mesh fabric material, except that the tongue of the Jumpman logo is made of suede material. The mesh fabric is breathable and easy to fit on both feet. At the same time, the lace system is also very cleverly designed. The area consisting of the 5th lace hole is very clever, even a little too strong. Because the Super.Fly MVP tongue has a small amount of filler, it is mainly a thin layer of mesh. If the lace is tied Tight, high-shoes players may be uncomfortable.



If you prefer an old school build with modern design then go with the Jordan Super.Fly 2017 versions that offer nubuck forefoot overlays. The rear sections of those shoes are a compression-like neoprene material that suck your feet into the shoe and it feels great.


Super.Fly MVP uses the Performance Fit, but I don’t think it is too wide , but the length is too long. Therefore, we recommended that the  you can choose the normal size but the narrower shoe friend chooses a  small half size. The overall length and width are true. Although the upper of the toe may be slightly tight, the mesh upper can be loosened with a little time. As soon as the foot is wide. If you want to choose the big half, you need to consider the problem of  length of Super.Fly MVP, It  is too long

Supporting :

The Super.Fly midsole has a TPU stabilizer, and the midsole is slightly extended to effectively support the feet, and the Reaction is important. but effectively enhances the stability . To the support, it is a pity that the design failed to extend to the forefoot area. The lack of such an Outrigger-like design resulted in a slight lack of protection for the valgus and rollover.

The ankle support can be regarded as one of the best points of the Super.Fly MVP shoes. The “V” shape on the left and right sides of the collar, the position of the 6th and 7th lace holes, and the stabilizer from the midsole to the heel, three There are complementary support effects,  there will be no excessive restraint on the ankles of the high-heeled basketball shoes, which may cause troubles in the activities of the ankles.


Weight :

The right foot weighs 394 grams, Super.Fly MVP is a high top basketball shoe, but its weight  is not too heavy compared with most of the recent medium and low type  basketball shoes on the market, the big reason is due to the use Lightweight upper material.


Overall, Super.Fly MVP is closer to the design of “team basketball shoes” than the popular Super.Fly 1 to Super.Fly 3. The weight, cushioning, protection and other configurations are  nice . And the performance of shoes almost can meet the needs of all types of players on the basketball court.