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Jordan Melo 12 Performance Review

Jordan Brand celebrates the launch of the Jordan Melo M12 and pays tribute to the “the dungeon”. The innovation and style of the Jordan Melo M12, Carmelo Anthony’s twelfth signature shoe, reflects this ongoing evolution.

So whats the new evolution? we will check it today.

In the 15-16 season, Melo 12 arrived as scheduled, and the style was inspired by the high-speed running cheetah. The meaning is quick and aggressive, which is in line with Anthony’s play on the court. All in all, these shoes are basically suitable for shooting, and the striker or defender is a breakthrough.

Now a 12-year league veteran, Melo understands the importance of the journey — and incorporating lessons learned along the way.

I bought this shoe two year ago when I am new freshman. I remember I joined the basketball for the freshman, the shoes performance  nice.


For the material , The shoe upper of Melo 12 is made of  heat welded Fuse mesh along the entire upper, which makes the whole shoe lightweight, comfortable and strangely supportive.The front shoe is also designed with 1.5 inner boots, and the toe part is protected by heat welded Fuse .you can felt more soft and flexible upper with great containment, and that’s something I truly enjoy. There are some heat welded Fuse areas for durability in the even  your toe drag.At the rear there is a svnthetic heel panel which aids in heel support.


We can see more details as below :

The shoe’s lightweight, flexible form provides better ankle lockdown and comfort while a mesh upper, asymmetrical webbing loops and a pared-down heel and ankle design offer targeted support for a one-to-one fit


The lace system also do a great job , it is easy to take off and on .

The cushioning part also give you great feeling .Two Zoom Air units offer responsive cushioning and a low-profile feel, whereas articulated flex grooves allow the midsole to move with the foot.

For the supporting : The TPU around the heel part, then work well , it can protection the feet and proved the supporting . In addition, the alphabet with the Melo at the bottom of the heel is the highlight of the design. Lightweight zoned cushioning and heel lockdown, including four foam pads placed in the interior, augment this pinpointed support.

Then the foam around the heel which give the ankle great protection.Especial when you running fast  or jump ,it has been give you more supporting . That is the best part that I love. it is soft and comfortable .Everytime you will be be feel great for this setting .

Th traction part, Jordan shoes prefer like the setting of Zoom Air units offer responsive cushioning with the Flightspeed. Also the series of the Melo also followed this kind of setting .Lightweight zoned cushioning and heel lockdown, including four foam pads placed in the interior, augment this pinpointed support.

And the forefoot used the pylon foam which did a great performance , the traction part also provide a great grip.The material of the tracton is XDR wear-resistant rubber, but because of the relationship between the traction pattern, if you playing it for a long time , it is will become  flat. I play it in the  wooden floor and out side court many times . It will happen that .Basically, all my friends and me will complain this happening many times .

FlightSpeed technology delivers an explosive first step by maximizing the responsiveness of the air units through compression and deflectio

The Melo Ml2 fits true to size. The lacing structure also the shoe’s wrap firmly around your foot while the heel pllows are there to keep your heel from popping up and out of the shoe. Lockdown was adequate and I experienced no isues while wearing them on-court.

For the insole , the material is soft and comfortable , that is nice .

Overall , Melo 12 as the signature shoes  of Cameron Anthony,the shoes are lightweight and performance well. , but compared to Melo 13,Melo 12 overall has been nice . Excellent grip, good responsive of  feedback, lightweight material  , comfortable and tight wrapping, reasonable price, also the great protection , I have to say I have been played it many year, but I still love it very much.