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Jordan Jumpman Diamond Low Performance Review

Today we want to share the performance review of Jordan Jumpman Diamond Low. Below is our mark for Jordan Jumpman Diamond Low.

Fit: 8 scores

Vamp Support: 7 scores

Feedback of forefoot: 8 scores

Cushion of rear sole: 6 scores

Anti-torsion performance:8.5 scores

Overall Supporting Performance: 7 scores

Stability: 7 scores

Overall: 70.5 scores

Product Positioning:

Mid-low end team model, it’s suitable for the defenders and forward who like breaking through

Suited Court: Indoor and outdoor plastic court.

Suited People: Moderate and light weight players (50-80kg)

Suited Playing way: normal foot/thin foot/flatfoot/high instep

After seeing the appearance of Jordan Jumpman Diamond Low, I think it’s suitable for breaking through.

The fit is good. The vamp hasn’t oppressed the instep. It’s comfortable

You can see that the shoe tongue is big and thick. The topline is big, so it’s easy to put on and take off.

The strength of vamp is also good. The vamp doesn’t have obvious deformation when turning or urgent stopping.

The shoe heel is also thick. With the TPU support, the shoe heel can fit the foot well.

As the height of upper is low, so the ankle can’t be protected well.

The configuration of insole is ZOOM air cushion on the forefoot and full-length Phylon foam. The feedback of forefoot is elastic. We can feel the feedback from ZOOM obviously. And the shoe head has the curled-up design. It feels good when breaking through.

But we can see that the rear sole has deformation when put forth my strength pressing on it.

Overall, the cushion performance of forefoot is excellent, but the feedback of rear sole is worse.

The outsole has multi-directional grain and the inside grain has upturning design, so the traction performance of Jordan Jumpman Diamond Low is great. The sole don’t have obvious abrasion after playing the basketball games for a few times.

The rollover prevention is above average. But the hidden risk of Jordan Jumpman Diamond Low is anti-torsion performance. So we don’t suggest you to play high-strength basketball games.

Overall, Jordan Jumpman Diamond Low is very suitable for the players who like breaking though. If you are worried about the ankle protection, you can choose the high model. I also like its appearance. The price is also not high. It’s worthy to have a try.