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Jordan JUMPMAN 2020 Performance Review

Today we want to share the performance review of Jordan Jumpman 2020 with you.

Court: Outdoor court

Testing time: about 50 hours

Fitness: 9 scores

The shoe tree is not wide. The padding of ankle part is comfortable. It can fit the foot very well. If you are not wide foot, it would be comfortable for you

Anti-torsion Performance: 8 scores

It has anti-torsion plate on the arch part. The anti-torsion performance is good. I add the shoe-pad. It’s a little hurt in the beginning, it needs some times to break-in

Cushion Performance: 8 scores

There is a big piece of ZOOM Air cushion on the forefoot sole. It’s not thick, but it’s enough for me. I can feel the feedback of cushion obviously when jumping.

The insole of rear sole is Phylone. It’s more comfortable than KD Trey 5 and Evidence II. Although it’s comfortable, I still put extra shoe-pad in it. The cushion performance is not enough for the players in heavy weight.

Traction Performance: 9.5 scores

I have never slipped on outdoor court when wearing Jordan Jumpman 2020. The traditional herringbone outsole can grip the floor very well. It can stop in time. The traction performance is excellent. So I give 9.5 scores for the traction performance.

Abrasive Resistance: 8.5 scores

After testing about 50 hours, the abrasion of forefoot sole is slight, but the abrasion of shoe heel outsole is obvious, the Jumpman logo is abrade a lot.

Supporting Performance: 9 scores

Jordan Jumpman 2020 is middle type design. With the foam of shoe heel and built-in TPU, the supporting performance to ankle is great. And it has reinforced design on the shoe head to protect the toes.

Overall: 9.5 scores

The shoe tree of Jordan JUMPMAN 2020 is a little narrow. I choose half size bigger than normal size, as my foot is wide type, I still feel a little narrow, it needs some time to break-in. It’s better to have a try on physical store before purchasing on line.

After testing a few months, the overall performance of Jordan JUMPMAN 2020 is excellent. It’s worthy to purchase it. If your weight is not too heavy and you don’t like jumping too much, you can try it.

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Jordan Jumpman 2020 Performance Review

When releasing Air Jordan 34, AJ also release Jumpman 2020. Comparing with the high price of Air Jordan 34, the price of Jordan Jumpman 2020 is much cheaper.

The appearance design idea of Jordan Jumpman 2020 is almost the same as Air Jordan 34. So I’m expecting the performance of Jumpman 2020.


  1. Excellent Cushion Performance

The forefoot cushion of Jumpman 2020 is fan shaped ZOOM. I can feel the great feedback when trying. And I also can felt the elastic feedback obviously when playing basketball. The cushion performance is excellent at this price. Actually, the ZOOM of Jumpman 2020 is not thick, but it can keep the good starting speed.

▼The fan shaped ZOOM on forefoot.

Although the rear sole of Jumpman 2020 doesn’t have the air cushion, it only has foamed plastic, but it’s comfortable. I think the cushion of Jumpman 2020 is enough for most of people.

▼The feedback of rear sole is good

  1. Great Traction Performance and good abrasive resistance

The outsole of Jumpman 2020 is XDR herringbone sole. It’s classic sole type. But as you know, the herringbone sole has great traction performance. And the durability of XDR is good. I’m satisfied at the traction performance of Jumpman 2020 after testing on 3 kinds of different court. And the sole is easy to clean. It’s ideal outsole.

▼Herringbone sole

The XDR sole doesn’t have obvious abrasion till now. There is only a little abrasion on the edge of sole. Moreover, the releasing price is cheap, I think it’s a good choice to purchase Jumpman 2020 to play on out-field.

▼Good Abrasive Resistance

  1. Good Fit and Support

The shoe body of Jordan Jumpman 2020 is made of screen fabric and partial artificial skin and thick foam. It uses integrated half-sole inner sleeve and dynamic shoe laces. Although the material is not very good, but it can fit the foot very well.

If your foot is wide type and instep is high, you will feel that it is a little tight. So it’s better to have a try on physical store to choose the correct size.

▼The visible dynamic shoe lacing system

▼The shoe tongue is thick

▼It uses artificial leather to reinforce on the important parts

Jordan Jumpman 2020 is middle type. The ankle part is reinforced with foam to improve the supporting performance, but it also won’t reduce the flexibility of ankle. It has used artificial leather to reinforce on important part. The inner foam is also thick enough.

The shoe heel design is obvious. It also shows Flight on the shoe heel. The built-in TPU on shoe heel is extended forward, which can offer great protection to the ankle.


Anti-torsion design of Jumpman 2020 is not good.

The obvious problem of Jumpman 2020 is anti-torsion performance. Although I haven’t sprained the ankle, but I can feel that the center of gravity on forefoot is not stable.

The protruding design of the shoe is not big enough The outsole grain also hasn’t been extended upward.

Overall: 9 Stars ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Shoe Tree: Narrow

Size: Normal, but it’s a little shorter.

The anti-torsion design of Jumpman 2020 is not good. It reminds me  which also don’t have good anti-torsion performance.

Anyway, the cost performance of Jumpman 2020 is good. The overall performance is also great. But it’s a little tight for the guys who has wide foot.