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The Performance Review of HOKA ONE ONE Rocket X 2

After 3 years, HOKA finally upgrade the carbon plate racing series shoes Rocket X 2.

HOKA has continued its creative streak in running shoes over the past few years. But it has to be said that HOKA is a little behind in carbon plate racing shoes field. Will the new released ROCKET X 2 help HOKA occupy the leading position in the market? We would like to share the performance review of Rocket X 2 with you today.

  1. The brand-new Rocket X 2, HOKA finally abandon its traditional EVA rubber insole and use PEBA supercritical foaming material, which improve the energy feedback of insole. The official said that it improves about 44% of the energy feedback. It’s more resilien
  2. Except the new foam material, it also upgrade the carbon plate. Rocket X 2 still uses Y shaped carbon plate structure. But it adjusts the structure. The area of carbon plate on half-sole is obviously increased, which improve the resilience. The Y shaped design also improves the stability.
  3. Rocket X 2 uses high technology synthetic gauze material which is lightweight and ventilated. The comfort level is excellent.
  4. Comparing with Rocket X, Rocket X 2 also upgrade the vamp and outsole. The heelpiece of Rocket X 2 abandon the stiff counter supporting structure. The outsole of Rocket X 2 has more durable rubber. And it uses hollow-out design on the middle position to reduce the weight.
  5. The height of Rocket X 2 half-sole is 31mm and heelpiece is 36mm. The drop height is 5mm.

The height of Rocket X half-sole is 25mm and heelpiece is 30mm. The drop height is also 5mm.

  1. The unit weight of Rocket X 2 US9 is 210g, and the unit weight of Rocket X US9 is 212g.
  2. After putting on the shoes, the feeling of Rocket X 2 is totally different with Rocket X. I can feel the resilience of Rocket X 2 obviously.
  3. For the performance, Rocket X 2 is suitable for most of people. The Rocket X is more suitable for capable advanced and elite runners on daily jogging and intensity training. And Rocket X 2 is soft, it’s suitable for common runners on daily training. The excellent elasticity can also give runners a boost during high-speed training or competition.
  4. The fitness of Rocket X is excellent, so does Rocket X 2. But the heelpiece of Rocket X 2 is not thick, so you need to wear thick socks to improve the protection.

10. Overall, the performance of Rocket X 2 is excellent. The Rocket X 2 is HOKA’s most powerful running shoes to date. Comparing with other thick-soled carbon plate running shoes, the Rocket X 2 offers better stability.

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