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Brooks Ghost 11 Performance Review

Brooks Ghost 10 was selected as the 2017 annual champion by the American professional running shoes evaluating website RunRepeat in Dec., 2019.

Ghost series running shoes are always hot-sale. Now it comes to Ghost 11.

After waiting about one month, I finally got Brooks Ghost 11. Comparing with Brooks Ghost 10, I think that Brooks Ghost 11 is improved in 4 parts.

  1. Insole evolution: It combines with two different technologies. It’s stable and has protecting performance.

The insole of Brooks Ghost 11 is upgraded. Except keeping the BioMoGo DNA insole of Brooks Ghost 10, the outside of shoe heel is added with new DNA LOFT insole technology which is combined with air and rubber. It’s softer and has excellent resilience.

  1. The outsole has elastic antiskid rubber. It uses different elastic coefficient on the midsole, the front sole and shoe heel.

Brooks Ghost 11 research the running gait, so it uses high elastic coefficient rubber on the midsole. With DNA insole, it will be more comfortable if you step on the ground with midsole. And the front edge of tiptoe and shoe heel uses Brooks’s traditional durable rubber. And it uses new DNA LOFT insole technology on the shoe heel, so it’s soft and comfortable.

It’s worthy to mention that it has skidproof grooves on the elastic rubber which offer the required traction performance for different impact force.

  1. Surface fabric: it intensifies the ventilated holes’ density and texture of shoe heel.

The texture is upgraded. It’s softer. The ventilated holes are more intensive. The ventilation effect is better. And the material on the shoe heel is not fabric, but stiff plastic which can improve the stability and safety.

  1. Shoe tongue – the position of fixing the shoelaces

It’s for connecting the shoelaces to avoid the shoe tongue moving.

Performance Review:

Brooks Ghost 11 is very comfortable and fit the foot very well. The traction performance is excellent and insole offer great feedback. And the shoelaces haven’t loosed. After running about 40km on the street, cement and pitch road, the durable elastic rubber outsole is still the same. When running on the slippery road, the stability and skid proof performance is above average. Although the weight will effect the running speed, it can’t compared with racing shoes, but the feedback is good, it’s soft, so it’s very suitable for running.