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ALTRA OLYMPUS 4.0 Performance Review

My first feeling of the new released ALTRA Olmpus 4.0 is soft, comfortable and stable.



The colorway of ALTRA OLYMPUS 4.0 that we test is black. It looks cool. And it also has a red colorway. The outsole is wide.

Cushion Performance

ALTRA OLYMPUS 4.0 is soft and elastic. With Abound, the cushion performance is excellent. It can offer great feedback. The material of insole is soft to guarantee the light weight and comfortable level.

Supporting Performance:

It has reinforcement on the shoe head of ALTRA OLYMPUS 4.0 to guarantee the stability. The shoe heel has the design to fit the heelpiece. The insole uses inner Flex groove system which offer good anti-torsion performance. The supporting performance and cushion performance is the standard of good shoes. The stability is good, and it can offer durable boosting force.


The traction performance of ALTRA OLYMPUS 4.0 is great. The outsole is made of Vibram which has good abrasive resistance. After running several times, we haven’t found the abrasion on the outsole.

The shoe-pad is thick and the air permeability is also good.

The workmanship is good. The lining of shoe heel is thick and comfortable.

As it’s a pair of cross-country shoes, it’s heavier than racing shoes. But it’s stable when running. The cushion performance and supporting performance is good.

When running on the macadam road, you can feel the excellent cushion and supporting performance of Altra cross-country shoes. The wide outsole and excellent cushion performance increase the stability. It fits the foot very well. The skid resistance of outsole is also great.

ALTRA OLYMPUS 4.0 is soft, comfortable and stable. The insole has excellent cushion performance. The vamp has good air permeability, and it’s soft. The shoe tree is wide, it’s comfortable when running. The stability is excellent. The shoe heel has enough padding, it fits the feet very well. The outsole is suitable to run on kinds of road conditions.

ALTRA OLYMPUS 4.0 has excellent supporting performance and cushion performance, it increases the stability. It’s worthy to purchase.

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Nike Kyrie Flytrap III EP Performance Review

Nike Kyrie Flytrap III EP version is the same as Kyrie Flytrap II. I’m attracted by its price and appearance. If you don’t have much funds but like Kyrie Irving, you can choose Kyrie Flytrap III EP.


  1. Great Traction Performance

The colorway that I purchased is blue and white one. It doesn’t have many pretty colorways like previous series for your choice. The outsole pattern is the classic Kyrie series’ outsole.

The traction performance of Kyrie Flytrap III EP is still great. I haven’t slipped when playing in indoor. I love the traction performance. The abrasive resistance of Kyrie Flytrap II is not good. I think that NIKE should have improved the abrasive resistance of Kyrie Flytrap III EP.


I played about 5 basketball games around 8-9 hours. I haven’t found big abrasion. And it isn’t easy to absorb dust. I think that the outsole of Kyrie Flytrap III EP is great.

  1. Great Fitness and Supporting Performance

Kyrie Flytrap III EP adds a piece of buckle fastener on the vamp. The front of Kyrie Flytrap III EP vamp is mesh fabric, and the rear vamp is artificial leather.

▼the buckle fastener is attractive.

With the thick shoe tongue, the overall fitness is good. But I think the forefoot is a little wider than Kyrie Flytrap II. But you can adjust the tightness by the buckle fastener.

▼Good fitness

The supporting performance of vamp is good. Although the TPU on the shoe heel is not very strong, but it’s enough for me. The protection of artificial leather part to ankle is good, as it’s thick.

Although it doesn’t have high protection, but it’s stable when playing the basketball games.
▼Anti-rollover performance is not bad

  1. High cost performance

Although Kyrie Flytrap III EP hasn’t been released for a long time, but the price is not high.


Yes, the biggest advantage is the bad cushion performance

It only has Zoom Pod on the forefoot. The feedback of Zoom Pod cushion is not obvious. If you are professional players, Kyrie Flytrap III EP is unsuitable to you. You won’t like its cushion performance.

▼Although the ZOOM is visible, but the cushion performance is bad


☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 8.5 stars

Shoe Tree: Normal

Size: Standard size

The performance of Kyrie Flytrap III is almost the same as Kyrie Flytrap II. It has a little upgrade, but it’s not obvious.

I personally think that Kyrie Flytrap III doesn’t have big difference with Curry 7.

The price of Kyrie Flytrap III is quite cheap, if you like it, you can purchase it to have a try.

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Mizuno Wave Rider 24 Performance Review

As one of the Mizuno symbolic running shoes series, Wave Rider always devotes to offer the most excellent cushion and energy feedback. It updates every generation to offer the softest and most elastic feeling.

It has the new breakthrough on Mizuno Wave Rider 24.


The appearance of Mizuno Wave Rider 24 is still concise. It’s longer than Wave Rider 23.

It changed the seamed Mizuno logo to seamless 3D logo. It looks better.

The vamp uses double deck mesh fabric. This kind of design makes the vamp keeping the shape. It uses different colorway and it has some holes on the vamp. The overall appearance looks good.

The sole is gradient ramp. The clorway that I bought is Reach Beyond. The main colorway is deep blue vamp with rose red gradient ramo insole. Mizuno Wave Rider 24 also has released several colorways for men and women models for your choice.

Cushion Performance:

The new technology that Mizuno Wave Rider 24 use is Mizuno Enerzy.

Mizuno Enerzy is the new developed foam material by Mizuno. The apperance of foam material is colloidal, it can store energy and the resilient efficiency to be more softer and elastic.

The insole of Mizuno Wave Rider 23 is U4ic+U4icX. And the superstratum of Mizuno Wave Rider 24 insole is still U4ic, and the part of shoe heel is changed to Mizuno Enerzy material. As per the test of Mizuno developing team, the cushion performance of new Mizuno Enerzy technology has been improved about 6% comparing with Wave Rider 23, and the energy feedback is improved about 12.1%.

Undoubtedly, the cushion performance of Wave Rider 24 is great.

The insole of Wave Rider 24 is soft, but it also has good supporting performance.

It’s worthy to mention that the shoe heel of Wave Rider 24 which uses Mizuno Enerzy material offer great resilience to the foot. The excellent cushion performance will push you run forward and save your energy to make the running easier.


The vamp of Wave Rider 24 is tight at the beginning. But after running, it will break-in your foot and make it more comfortable. The shoe tongue of Wave Rider 24 is bigger than Wave Rider 23. And it uses the elastic woven belt to fix shoe tongue, so that the shoe tongue won’t be easy to move when running.

As the vamp uses double deck mesh fabric, so the fitness is good. And the material is elastic, so it’s also flexible.


The new technology Mizuno Enerzy of Wave Rider 24 guarantees the good cushion performance, and it’s very comfortable when running. If you like the soft insole, you can have a try.

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Unboxing and Closed Look: COVERSE All Star CX

Once mentioning COVERSE, most of people will think about ALL STAR canvas shoes. CONVERSE held the REINVENT theme activity on New York in Mar. 10th, 2020, and one of the important content is CX series. Speaking of CX series, CX series has been released in 1917. Its history is more than 100 years. Now Converse uses this series again and improve it via kinds of technologies.


The side shoe tag

The upturning shoe head can offer good protection to the foot.

It inherits the shoelaces holes of ALL STAR and keeps the inner side air holes. It’s more comfortable with the elastic vamp.

The inner side of ankle part has classic paster. It makes the pull-tab on shoe heel, and it’s printed with ‘CX’ logo.

The transparent material cover the orange foam materials insole. It improves the cushion performance, and it’s lighter.

The nameplate of shoe heel and insole is orange.

The shoe tag is seamed in the inner side of shoe tag. It’s convenient for dismantling.

The outsole design is also ALL STAR pattern design.

The outsole pattern is deep, so the traction performance should be good.

The shoe-pad is printed with COVERSE and CX.

The reverse side of orange shoe-pad is rhombus pattern which improves the force of friction.

Although it’s not LUNAR shoe-pad, but the elasticity is still good.

The length of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is 285mm.

The width of EUR42.5 forefoot shoe-pad is 92.14mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 forefoot shoe-pad is 5.43mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 rear sole shoe-pad is 5.59mm.

The insole fabric is knitted texture.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 is about 324g.

The side vamp is almost the same as classic ALL STAR vamp.

But rear sole has CX series’ special design.

Overall :

The size of COVERSE All Star CX is normal. The elastic vamp is softer. The improved shoe-pad and insole is more comfortable. Although the price is a little higher than classic All Star shoes, but it’s more comfortable, so it’s worthy to purchase it.

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Unboxing and Closed Look: Adidas Pro Boost

Today we will unbox the newest Adidas basketball shoes Pro Boost. I have expected it for a long time.

Size:US8.5 EUR42

Unit Weight:398g

The size of Adidas Pro Boost is half size bigger than normal size, so we suggest you to purchase half size smaller. Of course, it’s better to have a try on physical store.

Why did I expect for it? The reason is, Adidas uses double insole technology in it.

Actually, Adidas released ADIZERO TAKUMI SEN 6 which uses double insole technologies (Boost and Lightstrike) in March.

The Boost and Lightstrike technologies are not only overlayed, but they are merged. The Boost is put inside. We can see that it shows ‘boost inside’on the outsole.

Accordingly, Lightstrike are on outside, it covers the Boost.

After testing several basketball shoes which are Boost insole or Lightstrike insole, I think that the double insole technologies of Pro Boost is workable.

The Boost insole is soft and elastic. But Lightstrike is stiffer than Boost. So Lightstrik covering the Boost can prevent the Boost deforming.

The drop height of forefoot sole and rear sole is not big. It has a groove design on the outsole, which is convenient for exerting force.

The vamp design is not amazing. It has a piece of leather on the shoe head.

The white part is the material which is similar to chamois leather.

It mainly uses Primknit material on the vamp. It’s great.

The lining of PrimeKnit vamp is thick. So we need to test to see the actual air permeability.

It also has Adidas logo on inner side and outer side of vamp.

There are 4 shoelaces buckles. This kind of shoelaces buckles don’t have good fastening effect.

It uses leather material on the shoe heel. The built-in counter is not big. The padding of shoe heel is quite small.

The most creative design of vamp is the outer cover. It looks like an independent shoe tongue, but also looks like a cover.

The shoelaces are connecting via the outside of cover, not inside. So that it has a extra shoe tongue.

The outsole is herringbone pattern, and it’s crystal outsole.

The overall design and material of Adidas Pro Boost is good. It doesn’t have big lightspot, but we expected the double insole technologies.

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Nike Air Zoom Type Performance Review


We cam see that Nike Air Zoom Type belongs to Nike N.354 series from the shoebox. The shoebox is similar to brown paper design of Yeezy series.

It’s made in China. The leather is not genuine leather, and the knit is not flywire.

The colorway That I bought is black and green.

The design of Nike Air Zoom Type basic on the design of Alphafly NEXT%.

The two pieces of visible ZOOM Air cushion are very attractive. The color of outside Zoom air cushion is jacinth, and the color of inner side is lemon yellow.

Although the forefoot Zoom Air cushion of Nike Air Zoom Type is similar to Alphafly NEXT%, it’s thick, but the inside design is totally different.

The vamp of Nike Air Zoom Type uses fur material, but it’s thin and it has several ventilated holes, the air permeability is good.

The white dots on the vamp is reflective material.

The vamp is also decorated with some mint green sawtooth stitching design.

The Swoosh design of Nike Air Zoom Type is similar to Nike HyperAdapt 1.0.

The design of shoelaces buckle is similar to Air Max 90.

The vamp has the notice of N354.

The rear sole design of Nike Air Zoom Type is special, it looks cool.

The thickness of double-deck Cushlon foam outsole is exaggerated, it closes to 6cm. It’s very high. The design of rear sole bases on the deign of Alphafly NEXT%.

The middle of insole has a layer of TPU material which is extending to 4/3 forefoot sole. But it’s a little soft. It’s not very suitable for running.

It adds thicken design on the inner side to prevent grinding the feet.

The pull-tab of shoe heel is stiff, sometimes it scrapes the heel tendon. It needs to wear long socks.

The shoe-pad is normal NIKE shoe-pad.

The outsole uses rubber walf checks design. It reminds me the Sacai. It needs times to check the abrasive resistance. The skid resistance is good.

The design of insole is exaggerated, the size EUR43 looks like the length of EUR46.

The main reason that I purchase Nike Air Zoom Type is 4 pieces of visible ZOOM Air cushion. But the rear sole is soft, although it has double-deck Cushlon foam. The feedback is bad.

Due to the thick insole, the center of gravity is high. It’s only suitable for daily dressing.

BTW, it also needs time to check the lifetime of Cushlon foam. If the insole of Nike Air Zoom Type can use React, it will be great.

The size of Nike Air Zoom Type is normal size.


The appearance design of Nike Air Zoom Type bases on NIKE Alphafly NEXT%. The design is fashion-forward. It’s cool. As a pair of daily dressing shoes, the configuration of Nike Air Zoom Type is good enough. If you like the soft insole, it will be suitable for you. But I like stronger feedback of insole.

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Unboxing and Closed Look: NIKE AIR ZOOM BB NXT EP

Due to the effect of COVID-19, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games are postponed. But the corresponding sports equipment are on sale now. NIKE releases Nike Air Zoom BB NXT basketball shoes.


It has a big Swoosh logo on the big white shoebox, it’s printed with Air Zoom.

The side shoe tag of shoebox

The vamp is made of knitted material.

The shoe tongue buckle design can prevent the shoe tongue moving. The shoe tongue is printed with BB.

It has several shoelaces holes. It can fasten the shoes well.

I love the shoe heel design. it has the pull tab which is convenient for putting on and taking off. It has dot design to reinforce.

It adds liner on the part of heel tendon. It’s designed according to the heel tendon.

The inner side Swoosh logo with 40 dots on the inner side of shoe heel constitute 2020.

The outboard upturning TPU on the forefoot sole can offer great lateral supporting performance to prevent the deformation of ZOOM Air cushion and improve the resilience.

It uses full-length React foam which is light and has good resilience and stability.

The double-deck React foam is thick.

The outsole is water ripple design which improves mult-directional traction performance.

The outsole pattern corresponds with the ZOOM Air cushion of forefoot sole. The big groove design improves the flexibility.

The hollow-out insole stability looks good.

The radial type pattern offers good stability.

The upwarping design of tiptoe and shoe heel make it looks like a pair of running shoes.

The all around of shoe-pad is upwarping, which locks the foot very well.

The shoe-pad uses React cushion foam, with double-deck insole, it’s 3 layers of React foam.

The reverse side of shoe-pad has brush coating

The length of EUR44 shoe-pad is 289mm

The width of EUR44 forefoot shoe-pad is 98.04mm

The thickness of EUR44 shoe-pad is 6.16mm

The EVA material insole fabric

The unit weight of EUR44 is about 456.8g


NIKE AIR ZOOM BB NXT is released for Olympic games basketball shoes. It may try to re-place the position of Hyperdunk. The overall design is good, it has the retro design and popular elements.

The size is normal size, the forefoot of EP version is a little wide, which is suitable for more foot types. After fastening the shoelaces, the fitness is good. The feedback of forefoot ZOOM Air cushion is obvious. The stability is also good. But the center of gravity is a little high, it needs to be careful when making big movements. And the rear sole is a little soft. If you are used to the stiff Phylon insole, it needs some times to break-in.

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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37

I started to running since 2016. My present weight is 80kg. I have worn more than 10 pairs of running shoes in 4 years. I always love the NIKE Air Zoom Pegasus series running shoes. What about NIKE Air Zoom Pegasus 37? Let’s have a look at it today.


The appearance NIKE Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is amazing. I think most of guys will love its appearance at the first look.

Some running shoes only focus on the function of shoes, but doesn’t care about the appearance. But from NIKE Air Zoom Pegasus 37, we can see that Nike pursues both of the function and appearance.

The shoe head is asymmetric design. It showed the history of Pegasus ‘est 1972’ and NIKE logo on shoe head.

It marks ZOOM and Swoosh logo on the shoe-pad.

The shoe tongue is asymmetric design, it’s similar to hot-melting material. It’s thin.

The insole is two-tone. The insole of forefoot sole and rear sole uses different material

It uses classic NIKE rear sole design.


The vamp of NIKE Air Zoom Pegasus 37 uses dual density mesh fabric. The shoe head offers some support. My foot is wide type. It’s a little tight in the begining, but after running, the vamp becomes more stable and comfortable. It brings some surprise to me. The air permeability of vamp is good.


NIKE Air Zoom Pegasus 37 uses built-in Zoom Air cushion on the forefoot insole. And according to the official introduction, the air cushion is thickened, it also offers different pressure value for men and women shoes. The cushion performance is obvious and excellent.

It uses React foam to match with Zoom. The cushion performance and resilience are obvious. It offers the buffer to forefoot via ZOOM air cushion and offer cushion and resilience to rear sole via React foam.


The outsole of NIKE Air Zoom Pegasus 37 still uses the classic Pegasus series outsole design. The traction performance is excellent.


The unit weight of US9.5 NIKE Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is only 272.6g. It’s not heavy. It’s light after wearing. It controls the weight very well.

Running Test

I have ran about 4 times, about 55KM, I chose different speed to test the performance of NIKE Air Zoom Pegasus 37 and also run on different road surface.

The insole condition after running 55KM

The outsole condition after running 55KM

Below is my experience:

  1. The shoe fit the foot very well. It’s comfortable when running.
  2. The supporting performance and stability is also good.
  3. Maybe my weight is too heavy, the cushion performance and resilience of forefoot sole and rear sole has obvious difference when running. If your weight is lighter, you should be able to feel the obvious resilience of React.
  4. The cushion performance and resilience keeps good when running long distance. The insole hasn’t declined obviously after running more than 18km.
  5. After running about 55km, the condition of insole and outsole is still good, we don’t need to worry about the lifetime. It should be no problem to run 800-1000km.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is a pair of excellent cushion running shoes. The appearance is also cool. I will use it as my future jogging shoes. It’s worthy to purchase it if you like it.

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Air Jordan 34 Low Performance Review

Today we want to talk about the performance of Air Jordan 34 Low.

Tester: 168cm, 64kg

Testing Time: 4 basketball games on indoor and outdoor court

Traction: 8/10 scores

The out sole is radial herringbone pattern. The traction performance is excellent. The stability is good when turning and urgent stopping.

Endurance: 7/10 scores
The outsole is XDR rubber, but it’s not deep. It also depends on your playing way.

Cushion Performance: 10/10 scores

It has a big piece of air cushion on the forefoot sole, and the air cushion is also think on the rear sole. With Eclipse Plate which is made of Pebax, the cushion performance of Air Jordan 34 is excellent.
Fitness: 5/10 scores

The shoe tree is wide. My foot is long and thin, so the wide shoe tree is unsuitable to me. My foot is easy to slide. It’s unstable. And the forefoot of AJ34 is made of synthetic leather. So it can’t fit the foot well by fastening the shoelaces. It’s the problem of my foot. You can have a try on the physical store to check if it’s suitable for you or not, and choose the correct size.

Supporting Performance: 3/10 scores
For reducing the weight of shoes, it uses thin material on the side of vamp. So the supporting performance of vamp is not good. We suggest to wear thick sports socks.

Anti-rollover Performance: 5 scores

It thickened the anti-torsion part of ankle. But it’s not thick enough, maybe it’s to reduce the weight. The TPU on rear sole is stiff to reinforce the stability and protect the ankle. But it’s low type and the center of gravity is high, so I haven’t give high scores to it.

Anti-torsion Performance: 10 scores

The Eclipse plate which is made of Pebax can offer great anti-torsion performance. The overall strength is good. It won’t be easy to deform. It’s excellent.

Air Permeability: 9 scores

The material of vamp has good air permeability. The shoe tongue is a little thick, so the instep is a little stuffy.

Weight: 8 scores
It’s said that Air Jordan 34 Low is the lightest Jordan shoes.

Cost Effective: 7 scores

Air Jordan 34 Low has the excellent technology. The present price is acceptable. It’s a good choice if you want to try the newest technology.


The shoe tree of Air Jordan 34 Low is not suitable for most of people, it’s better to have a try on physical store before purchasing on line. Air Jordan 34 Low has excellent air permeability. The radial herringbone can offer excellent traction performance. But the lateral supporting performance of Air Jordan 34 Low is not good enough, it satisfy the anti-rollover performance for reducing the weight. But the stiff TPU plate on the shoe heel reinforce the stability of shoe heel.

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Under Armour HOVR Velociti 3 Performance Review

Under Armour mainly popularize the HOVR series jogging shoes. It uses HOVR technology to develop several series of running shoes to satisfy the different running request. UA HOVR Velociti 3 is light type. The weight is reduced a lot. Will the performance be improved?

I’m surprised at the light weight when getting it. It’s quite light. Of course, it’s compared with HOVR Infinite. So I checked the weight, the unit weight of US8 UA HOVR Velociti 3 is 258g. Although it’s still heavy than some racing running shoes, but the UA running shoes are mainly focused on the configuration, not weight. The vamp is mainly fluorescent green decorated with black Swoosh logo. The outsole is also mainly made of black rubber. It’s attractive.


The main technology of UA HOVR Velociti 3 is HOVR technology. And it also uses Micro G foam material as insole framework. Micro G is extending to the sublayer of forefoot sole to cooperating with HOVR as dual density configuration. So the feedback is faster. It can reduce the buffer and improve the exercise effect. And it has an energy net design on the insole. The energy net is used to stabilize UA HOVR foam material. The shoe-pad uses EVA material to reduce the fatigue and slide, and it also improves the durability.


The outsole uses specific design to improve the flexibility. The main material is durable rubber. The shoe heel uses durable rubber to improve the buffer. The design increases the traction performance and abrasive resistance. And it also has reflective design to improve the security when running in night. The fall of forefoot sole and rear sole is about 8mm. UA HOVR Velociti 3 also can connects to UA MAPMYRUN which can follow and analyze the running data.


From UA HOVR Velociti 3, we can see that UA try to develop the racing light running shoes. The air permeability and comfort level of UA HOVR Velociti 3 is good. It uses Micro G foam material as insole framework, and it has HOVR energy net design, it can improve the feedback. The material of shoe-pad is EVA which can reduce fatigue and slide, the durability is also good. UA has improved the performance a lot. I will use UA HOVR Velociti 3 as daily training running shoes. It will be easy to slip when raining. It needs to be careful.