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Unboxing and Closed Look: APL Concept 3

Today let’s have a look at the new released APL basketball shoes.

APL Concept 3

Size: US9 EUR43

Unit Weight: 440g

Size: Normal size, it’s suitable for kinds of foot

The shoebox is printed with black printing.

I think that the shape of APL Concept 3 is similar to the shape of Air Max 97. It doesn’t look like a pair of basketball shoes. But it has the necessary elements of basketball shoes.

The vamp uses the same pattern of shoebox. It should be the flower embroidery. The vamp is made of knitted material. The overall design is concise.

The colorway that I bought is black and green. It also has other colorways.

I’m concerned the insole. The insole of APL Concept 3 must use the configuration which is conducive to bounce. Below is the structure chart.

New EPDM silicone spring is used, Load’N Launch system. The spring on the heel expands with force, change of direction is not affected, only acting on the downward force. Through force accumulation, TPU powers assisted conduction front palm spring emission. Load’N Lanch total has 19 springs.

As we haven’t tested it, so I’m not sure if it’s helpful for bouncing. But I expect the actual performance.

The shoe-pad of APL Concept 3 is thick. It can improve the comfort level.

From the semi-transparent outsole, we can that it has an anti-torsion plate in the insole, and it’s big. But after bending it, we find that the overall anti-torsion performance is not so good as expected. It should have the same problem as PG3 and Harden 3. As the anti-torsion plate is closed to outsole, so the overall anti-torsion performance is not good. If the position is moved up, the performance will be better.

The outsole is multi-directional herringbone pattern. The traction performance is great.

We can see that it has an obvious extension on the outboard of forefoot. It improves the anti-rollover performance. So it has the configuration of basketball shoes.

Overall, I expect the actual performance of APL Concept 3. We’ll test and share the performance review with you soon.