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Air Jordan 31 ‘why not ‘ performance review

As a die-hard fan of of  Russell Westbrook, my dream is get pair of PE . finally the dream is coming true . Here I will share the feeling with you . I am tall 175cm .weight 70kg , as a break out guard ,I really like this pair shoes .
Now we get it .
As the same as Aj 30’s box . There are number 31 .
Air Jordan 31 why not
Every one know the Aj 31 followed the design of 30 . Knit and bit of blue orange embellishment together incease overall face score .For me , it is not very high point of face score ?

Air Jordan 31 why not

Then we will test in the plastic ground .
Wraping : 10 score .
Compare with Kobe 6, James 12 , crazy explosive,sc 1,sc3,hd 2014,kt 2 ,AJ 30 .
AJ 31 is more excellent .I usually wear size 8.5, but I bought size 9 of AJ 31 , because the forefoot have a bit narrow .The setting of the inner boot and the bulge to lock the ankle. It is as an ankle my opinion, The front foot is also very wrap compactly.
Starting : 9 points
As the shoes of Westbrook , forefoot zoom and flightspeed technology to provide the conditions for a good start, less the longer time when playing .There is even a feeling of prestige when starting up.
Anti-skiding :9 scores
Crystal bottom for anti-skid braking without pressure in nature be nothing difficult.

Cushion: 8 scores
As a pair of guard shoes ,For me , I am thinking of not need too much of cushion but only zoom in the forefoot, it is enough for fall down .

Stability: 9 scores .
uppers for woven uppers, which increase anti-skiding ,stability. People have more requirements in starting ,anti-skid requirements and cushion . Yes , Pe was meet all of these needs .
Here attached some pair of Pe ,which not release .

Air Jordan 31 why not

Air Jordan 31 why not

Air Jordan 31 why not

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Performance in Jordan 31 PE Blue Orange VS Harden Vol. 1 Home

Russell Westbrook sat at his locker, trying to type into a series of text messages every bit of frustration he was feeling after theOklahoma City Thunder lost to the Houston Rockets 115-111 on Wednesday night.

For 25 straight minutes, Westbrook sat with his head buried in his thoughts and his phone, texting his friends and family and trying to reckon with the 2-0 hole his team finds itself in this best-of-seven series despite yet another of his sublime and historic triple-doubles.
“We can’t give away leads like that on the road, man,” Westbrook said. “It’s too difficult.”
Including his 51-point triple-double Wednesday, there have been only six 40-point triple-doubles in playoff history. The other five were recorded by Charles Barkley, Jerry West, Oscar Robertson (twice) and LeBron James. Continue reading Performance in Jordan 31 PE Blue Orange VS Harden Vol. 1 Home

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Air Jordan XXXI Banned ,Strong regression


The moment of explosiveness and beauty which scene of flying dunk of Michael Jordan with Air Jordan 1 “Bred”, seems to be injected into the XXXI, lead us to endless aftertastes. With the addition of Swoosh to the trapeze signs of the gradient of the XXXI, and the inner side of the upper wing Air Jordan logo, this is a tribute obviously


Air Jordan is on behalf of the shoes which actual combat, experienced only in the front of the air cushion of the XX9 and XXX, XXXI bring the whole palm Zoom Air cushion once again , it is perfect equipment for the actual performance of the stadium .

The designer adopted the views of Michael Jordan this time ,Flight Speed with Zoom Air  full palm bottom cushion. Its “Nap-of-the-Earth” visual effect brought a lower center of gravity, a feedback and lateral support performance.

From 1986 ,AJ2 AIR JORDAN started fade of image of SWOOSH gradually , until 1992, 7 AIR JORDAN complete cancel the image of SWOOSH (hook) , After years of upgrade ,  AIR JORDAN as a high terminal brand to deep in the minds of fans .

The relationship between AIR JORDAN and NIKE like “Lexus” and “TOYOTA”, “Audi” and “mass”.

The another highlight is the vamp. This time designer use Flyweave high performance woven materials and leather materials fusion ,  Woven material toe and shoe body subject to light on the upper building, the perfect combination of leather wrapped, and texture , that is a first time in the history of the manufacture of shoes .Fine Flyweave fabric is still in line with the Flywire dynamic fly line, providing comprehensive support in terms of package and support. The 31 is Flyweave and synthetic leather splicing of the uppers. The front part of the shoe is similar to the 29 woven material (also known as Performance-Woven), but it seems that the density of the fabric is bigger and thicker.

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Air Jordan XXX1 ROOSTER Chinese New Year

Air Jordan XXX1 Chinese New Year
Size Run: Mens
Style Code:885429-103
Release Date:January 28, 2017


It’s a little tough to describe the shoes so make sure to check out the exhaustive images released online. Utilizing a combination of black, white, grey, and a little bit of gold – the goal for these shoes is classic’ rather than attention getter’. Of course, Nike shoes catch the attention regardless of their design, but the Air Jordan XXX1 Chinese New Year has the look and feel of something that can be used over and over again in different gatherings.

The trim starts off black with a gradient movement towards white. Think pixels’ in design with the Swoosh logo on the side also taking in this particular look. By the time you get to the heels, the color of the kicks is solid white, except for the Jumpman logo placed on the outside shoulder of the shoes. The Jumpman is done in a shade of grey, just a little bit heavier than white so that it stands out from the background.


The tongue is also done in white with a small Jumpman symbol in the middle, this one done in black. What makes these shoes a nod’ towards the Chinese New Year is the chine symbol placed on the back of the tongue. We’re guessing the symbol means the number “12” in Chinese, but we’re not entirely sure. The question is: why would Nike put it there where it can’t be seen? Other CNY releases actually have the symbol on the outside, placed dead center of the tongue. If the shoes didn’t look so good, it would be a bit disappointing that the Chinese symbol isn’t easily visible.

Moving on – the laces are white and round, easily replaceable if you should find yourself losing them at some point. Separating the upper and the soles is a small streak of grey that changes into gold around the heel portion. The midsole itself is done in plain white with the outsole taking on a translucent hue.

How much would these kicks cost? According to reports, they would sell for $200 which is a little pricey compared to other Air Jordan products. They’re meant for a January 28th release – just in time for the Chinese New Year.

Stay tuned for other new Jordans that are set to hit store shelves soon.