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Air Jordan 8 Take Filght Sequoia/Black-Wolf Grey- Outdorr Colors

At first glance, you might be fooled into thinking that the shoes are a combination of grey, black, and orange – which is not the case at all. Making use of a sequoia green color, the developers of this colorway opted for a rugged outdoor look with just a hint of Max Orange to pop out of the woodwork.



Air Jordan 8 Take Flight
Size Run: Mens, Grade School
Color:Sequoia/Black-Wolf Grey-Max Orange
Style Code:305381-305
Release Date:January 28, 2017

For the first time, they are also using neoprene materials on the upper portion. They are taking on a layering strategy with green at the bottom and the neoprene on top, creating an array of imensions and textures for the wearer.

The tongue is a study in black and this is where the orange color kicks in. Particularly, on the center of the tongue is the orange Jumpman logo – just jumping out of the woodwork amidst the mostly green body of the shoes. There is also a hint of orange on the bottom of the shoes, but it’s not something you can easily see.

Speaking of the bottom portion, the soles are a combination of black and green with clearly delineated lines. Although the shoes are mainly tightened using the laces, there seems to be a buckle strap along the sides, adorned with the words JORDAN.

The laces are flat and in the same green color. It definitely works well with the overall look of the shoes, but not exactly something you can easily replace. Simply put – you don’t want to lose these laces because you’d have a hard time finding ones of the same color. On the grey-straps crisscrossing the center of the shoes is the number 23, embossed onto the material. It is a little tough to see – but you know that it is there.

Although released images for the “Take Flight” are generous, there doesn’t seem to be any pictures from the back. Hence, it’s tough to say if Nike decided to put another logo on this part of the shoes.

To wrap it up – the “Take Flight” is the kind of shoes every man’s man would love. It has a very outdoors feel to it, the kind of shoes you should probably wear during a short day hike.

The “Take Flight” is part of the spring season Jordan releases 2017. Set for a January 28th release, the shoes will sell for $190 which is just about within the typical cost of Air Jordans today.

Of course, if the “Take Flight” doesn’t appeal to you, you can always opt for new Jordans slotted for release this 2017. As the Year of the Tiger unrolls, so too will new Air Jordans.