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Air Jordan 5 ‘Midnight Navy’ Performance Review

The Air Jordan 5 “Midnight Navy” released in May 2nd, 2015. This Midnight Navy doesn’t technically make the pair a Charlotte Hornets inspiration, but the dark azure hue, when paired with the added vibrance of Turquoise, does make this Air Jordan 5 look like it was destined to be worn on the feet of those playing for MJ’s current franchise.

Now we get it .

Shoes box also showed special


The leather of Midnight dark blue is soft transition to the same color outsole, this color is very delicate with crystal outsole, that is my favorite setting .

Of course , tit is not less he logo of flame in the Air Jordan 5 , with crystal outsole , I am feeling the shoes is delicate.

Here is the Disassemble picture : AIR-SOLE

Workmanship :The whole workmanship is great , the leather is soft and comfort ,I like the  air jordan 5  colorway ,which dark blue .

Cushioning : I can not felling the AIR-SOLE in the front and back ,a little stiff.

Ventilation; though the leather material .but there are small Ventilation holes. not very bad

Appearance :  The colorway is great with LOGO 3M shoes tongue , I love it .

Cost performance: It is great quality with competitive price .

Here is the picture for you reference .


Overall , this shoes a little heavy about to 500g .It is not belong the light basketball shoes .Not very suitable for playing .The material is soft with amazing colorway .Especially the tongue design , always the fan favorite .