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Air Jordan 33 Performance Review

From the official release to got the shoe, the Air Jordan 33 has always maintained a high degree of attention, which coupled with the introduction of new technology and a variety of color , making it one of  the most of popular sneaker in the next half of 2018 .

Many players who want to got this shoes when released .However, unlike the previous  version of Jordans , the subversive design and innovative FastFit fastening system have been attention by lot of peoples. some players are still hesitate to get it .They want to figure out how about  the performance? Now we will check it today .

The Air Jordan XXXIII rewrites the story of the greatest basketball shoe on the planet. Its revolutionary FastFit closure system locks you in for flight, while its new Flightspeed technology is tuned for propulsion.I never saw the sneakers which have this setting.How does the Air Jordan 33 wear and how does the FastFit fastening system work?

I was so excited when I got it .Dressed in a White, Metallic Gold, Black, and Vast Grey color scheme. This Air Jordan 33 feature a White-based upper with Gold accents on the tongues and Nike Air heels. Both Black and Red detailing throughout atop an icy translucent outsole completes the design.And the material is so comfortable.
Then the Velcro on the inside of the shoe to make the shoe fit more closely and lock the heel in the shoe.


Adjust the FastFit fastening system, the pull with red ribbon, you will hear the mechanically sound, The shoes will be lockdown the feet when fastening ,it is easy and save time .



Because of the Air Jordan 33 shoe design, it has already brought good wrapping before the FastFit fastening system is adjusted, and the FastFit fastening system did a great help , the fastening system will make the foot  fit more tightly.

Especially when you have been exercising for a period of time, the feet  will feel very stretched. At this time, the black and yellow ribbon next to the tug will be lifted. Then the  cable will be released. You can shake your feet to the left and right to adjust to a comfortable state.



Not in a bad way, but there is definitely room for user error. For those that follow me on Instagram, you’re likely aware that I had a major blister on my arch appear while testing the Air Jordan 33


Most of the players focus on one of the points, while the Air Jordan 33’s forefoot large zoom air cushion with a length-shaped hexagonal ultra-thin Zoom air cushion, how about the performance ?


I player  4 different  basketball games in different court .I felt it is new and perfect shoes  each game, the AIR JORDAN 33 is super stability, excellent grip and good maneuverability. The Air Jordan 33 is compared to other sneakers.

It was the FastFit system that I’ve been really trying to adjust to and now I know not to tighten the shoes up quite to the extent that I had.

I believe that people who played the Air Jordan 28 will be crazy about midsole, and the new Air Jordan 33 will bring almost the same midsole  cushioning . Flight Speed Midsole incorporates a carbon fiber sheet that is the same process as the Zoom VaporFly 4%, which increases the reaction speed of the forward sill.


In addition to the black and red color Chinese limited-edition Air Jordan 33 “Tech Pack”, the future will also launch the black and white Air Jordan 33 “Future Flight”, the pure black color matching Air Jordan 33 “Blackout”, and Guo Ailun only released in China. PE version Air Jordan 33 “Jade”.


For the fitting :

Air Jordan 33 is not biased, you can choose the normal size to buy. Because of personal habits, I like to choose a big size sneaker and wear two pairs of thick socks. The Air Jordan 33 is the same as most basketball shoes, and there is no squeezing or oversized.

Overall ,I enjoy the shoe once again and complete testing it for the full performance review. The shoe has definitely perfect  about the performance .I’ve got scars from Curry 4, Curry 5, Soldier 10, LeBron 9, Kobe 7 System ,but I like the FastFit system very much .