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Closed Look and Unboxing: Air Jordan 32 Pure Platinum

AIR JORDAN 32 continues the design substance of AIR JORDAN 31, which is to salute to AIR Jordan 2. AIR Jordan 32 is made by the inspiration of AIR Jordan 2 with the present technology. It also reminds me the AJF series.

The side of shoebox is printed with the Roman numerals XXXII.

The front side of shoebox cover is printed with classic Jordan wings logo.


This pair of AIR JORDAN 32 keeps the previous design elements of Jordan 2, it uses Flyknit vamp, and it has three-dimensional contouring ankle stabilizing plate and exposed heel stabilizer.

The shoe tongue has the classic Jordan wings logo which is on Jordan 1 and Jordan 2. The flying basketball and Flyman logo are designed by Tinker on Jordan 3. So the logo on shoe tongue is also to salute to previous Jordan generations.

The embroider on the shoe tongue different for the different colorway of Jordan 32. And for the colorway Pure Platinum is reverse AIR JORDAN.

The outsole is X type fishbone and the nick is deep. The traction performance gets the good feedback from most of the players.

The insole of Jordan 32 also uses Flightspeed technology which is used from Jordan 28. The thickness of ZOOM Air cushion on forefoot sole uses the same ZOOM air cushion as Jordan 28. And the air cushion also has a back plate to maximize the function of air cushion and stabilize the insole. Although it doesn’t use new insole technology, but the feedback of insole is great. If your weight is not heavy, it needs times to break-in, then the feedback will be more and more obvious. It’s not too soft, the comfort level is great. It doesn’t have much surprise, but the feeling of insole is great.

Except the back plate, it also built-in a piece of 3D stabilizing plate. Although the stabilizing plate is made of TPU with carbon fiber plate, but the insole has double stabilizing plate. So it’s quite stable.

And the exposed stabilizing plate on the shoe heel also offer great stabilizing effect to ankle.

It has leather vamp on both sides of ankle part and it also has memory foam of inner padding. So the stability of ankle is excellent. But it effects the flexibility.

Except the usage of Flyknit vamp, the vamp of Jordan 32 uses two layers of knit, it’s combined with socks lining and knitted vamp. And there is a band type shoelace which is hidden between the two layers of vamp. The lacing band type shoe laces is extending to insole and covering the vamp. So the fit and fixity of Jordan 32 is great.

The X reinforced branch line on the vamp uses strong nylon to reinforce, the resistance of vamp is more excellent.

The ZOOM Air cushion on rear sole is also thick. The overall performance of Jordan32 is excellent. It’s worthy to have a try. For the disadvantage, the unit weight is a little heavy and the air permeability is not good. BTW, it’s hard to change the shoelaces of Jordan 32.

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Air Jordan 32 CNY Performance Review

The beginning of each calendar year tends to be filled with a plethora of Chinese New Year selections from some of the industry’s top brands.Before the Jordan Brand ireleased a celebratory pack consisting of the Air Jordan 6 ‘CNY’, Also that means the CNY  will be share the China market.For the Air Jordan 32 CNY  symbolizes the new year’s fireworks as an inspiration, presenting the colorful features of the fireworks on the pure black upper, and adding a golden flower full of festival joyful and gorgeous embroidery to show another spirit of the high spirit.

But how about the performance for this shoe? We will check it today.


Test time:A week
Test site: indoor board , indoor PU
I am 178 cm and 81 kg weight.The main way to play:  three points.I played a week , then I share the feeling of your guys .

For the traction : the traction followed the last model.and the performance is nice .The traction is  standpoint , compare with the Jordan 29, 30  , the traction have  been performance well.Jordan Brand used an altered herringbone, which it also tried with the 31.Though this kind of translucent will collect dusty well. but it is have been not affected  the performance . it is just have been not easy to keep .If you play on a clean court, or at least one that is properly refinished once a year, you’re going to get a tacky experience that bites when you need it most. I try more models ,but this one will be nice .

For the cushioning :  I am very satisfied with this pair of shoes.Also there are more and  more  basketball players  play it .
Although it not  soft like KD9elite/KD10 full length ZOOM (I have these 2 kinds of shoes ), but more stiff.The forefoot section of Zoom Air is of the unlocked variety whereas the heel is bottom-loaded.You can feel the Zoom when you place enough pressure on the forefoot.

For the material : the material  is great. The  Flyknit material provide more breathable and soft . maybe the reason layer ,so the ventilation is nice.This type of Flyknit is what I’ve been waiting for since Nike first introduced it into the basketball line. Just like the last model of 32.

The upper part  has a crease if  play long time, but it has no cracking and degumming. The soft woven surface is completely normal and no injury. At the most, I tie the foot to the bend.

For the supporting : The supporting  just so so. but everything worked well though. The moderator plate works to increase torsional rigidity and the outrigger was solid.  maybe the reason of material of inside of shoes , I felt foam of inside is not enough  .but the shoes work well, the sense of security is still enough, and the anti-rollover  did a job.and the midsole support is sufficient and flexible.

It works well and adds strength to the rear section of the shoe ensuring lockdown, but premium it is not.

There is a Chinese characters of the inside of  tongue .And the AIR JORDAN logo on the tongue too.

Overall, I feel that fit and lockdown are better in the Air Jordan 32, as is the cushion and stability, but I loved the decoupled heel and forefoot.Also the design of full of China elements .

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Air Jordan 32 Low PF Deconstructed Report

Jordan Brand officially unveils the Air Jordan 32, a brand new sneaker that draws design inspiration from the Air Jordan II and blends it with the best basketball-specific innovations that a high-performance basketball shoe can be equally effective in its beauty.

Today we are talking about it . there are some pictures which from fastness as below :

We can see clearly from the part of sneakers .

For cushioning : Full-length Unlocked Zoom Air utilized for the Air Jordan 32 Low PF. It is perfect which  it  unlocked variety whereas the heel is bottom-loaded. You can feel the Zoom when you place enough pressure on the forefoot when playing . and the stability is great too. Though the bounce is not great , but we can still feel the spring ,  it feels comfortable  and  as you need the spring when playing , it is will be meet your required .

For me , I love it too much , this setup feels more balanced than unlocked setups compare with last version .While some get used to the feeling of a large volume Zoom Air unit protruding from the sole. it is amazing .so I can do what I want to do in the court .

For the material , thick Flyknit utilized  is great . Certain areas are very tightly knitted while others offer some stretch. and the ventilation is perfect . it would have been awesome be summer . but  the eyelet areas potentially ripping is a concern of mine. It is not a matter for a lot of people .

there are more details in the side .


For the lace system , it is amazing  that FLYWIRE   give us more support .

We can see the EVA material in the midsole .and there are more details in here .

This is FLIGHT SPEED which keep  flexibility and stability 

Here are some data for the FLIGH SPEED .

The wide and length,thickness  of date of FLIGH SPEED .

The date of AIR ZOOOM ,including the wide ,thickness, length date.

For the supporting ,it is also great .  The midsole sculpt in the rear may be off-putting for some from a design perspectiv as   it isn’t a clean line but it contains the rearfoot well upon lateral movements. It is did the job very well . For me , I had a ankle hurt before ,  so I need more supporting when I  playing , Air Jordan 32. also can support me enough on the court . I have to say it is great .

Also we  can see the clearly date from these pictures .

and the  classic LOGO of Air Jordan . Overall , I feel that fit and lockdown are better in the Air Jordan 32, as is the cushion is more stability and nicely .the great support and upper material may are the reason of what I loved .

What do you think ?

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Air Jordan 32 ‘Rosso Corsa’ Unboxing Reviews

Since Russell Westbrook post the new Jordan 32 by his social account , the Jordan 32 was become a popular sneaker in the sneaker world .The shoes feature a newly engineered Flyknit upper and premium leather uppers that blend contemporary innovations with the original design ethos of the Air Jordan 2.

Today we are talking about it .


the red boxes that nothing special .

There is the logo on the boxes .therr

there is more details as below :

The more details of the shoes


For material .just as  “The Air Jordan game shoe line has always produced some of my favorite shoes,” says Jordan family member and reigning MVP Russell Westbrook. More flexible than any previous Jordan upper, the XXXII’s knit structure reduces stiffness at the forefoot and modernizes the moccasin-like toe box of the Jordan II. It is a Flyknit upper that uses high-tenacity yarn that should combine stretch, support, and zonal lock down.

The logo of BELLISSIMO in the tongue .

Flight Plate and heel Zoom positioned athletes for quick reactions

the jumpmen logo on the side


Flight Speed technology that should unleash the energy in the large Zoom Air units in the forefoot and heel.

It also improves court feel and is aided by a fresh traction pattern, a herringbone formed of a series of almost wiper blade-like shapes.


there is  a logo LAUNCH

Ortholite insole


the size of US9’s insole  width was about 96.96 mm

the thickness is 5.95mm

the inside of Jordan 32

The weight of jordan 32


here are some picture that compare with the Jordan 32 

overall , it is worth to buy

to be continued

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Air Jordan 32 Performance Review

Air Jordan XXX2 is the most heavyweight Sneaker and popular  shoes this year, as the design inspiration by Air Jordan 2 , Jordan Brand  will also be a lot of the latest technology into it.

Air Jordan has been synonymous with “top configuration” shoes, as the highest actual combat basketball shoes on the sneaker world , and  it is integrated into the trend, fashion elements.


How about Air Jordan XXX2 actual performance? are they meet for flying boots consistently high expectations? Compared to the Air Jordan XXX1 that hasn’t gone down the market, does XXX2 have enough reason to buy?

Russell Westbrook with us to test this shoes in Shanghai ,China today .

Inspired by the Air Jordan 2, which follows in the theme of paying tribute to the early days.And as the  two NBA All-Stars signed to Jordan Brand are making sure  that the Air Jordan 32 will fit his playing style on court. For the Russell , it is exactly as his sneaker which performance excellent .Especial the color , it is bright and hot , just like the Russell  who  excellent basketball skills .

For the setting of sneakers , Air Jordan XXX2 can be called top practical basketball shoes in this year .

Air Jordan XXX2 has used Nike’s Flyknit technology which lands on the uppers along with high tenacity yarn which aids in stretch, support and zonal lockdown. And it utilize Flight Speed technology that unleashes energy from the Zoom Air units.Maybe a lot of fans will love it just see the excellent setting .

Actual for the combat basketball shoes , we should not pay too much attention to breathability of  shoes . Because of as for enhanced breathability, the stability, protection and durability of the vamp will be greatly reduced!
Air Jordan XXX2 uses a woven upper, but in order to improve stability and durability, a high-density multi weave has been carried out. Compared to plastic shoes and leather shoes, its  breathability is good!

Good wrapping keeps your feet lock down in sneakers!

The  new knit uppers with thickened sponge heels, the improved uppers design, and then lace system , it is tight package  for your feet , so that we can  feel very secure and protection.

For the traction ,Using herringbone traction pattern, the sole makes sure you have multidirectional grip on the court.And  starting and accelerating bring explosive pulse affection .  Breakthrough is more flexible and easy to manipulate in disguise after commissioning of the Zoom air Air .

Basketball is a excellent  sport which a lot of people are interested . and for everyone, support and stability are important criteria for judging sneaker .
Through some years development of sneakers , Air Jordan XXX2 used the Flight Speed technology which lighter , corrosion resistance, anti torsion support stability of an hand in a velvet glove material, the material is excellent . It is improve the ankle protection and prevent deformation of sneakers .
A Flight speed  with carbon plates, it is similar to the springboard of divers which  provides effective support for the force of basketball by “deformation – rebound”.

Air Jordan XXX2 was inspirited by Air Jordan 2  which is  used Flyknit woven shoes with uppers in the  first time , and joined the design concept of hidden lace stitching, using a variety of different materials in leather uppers. Air Jordan XXX2  is the first middle  with lower hand shoes issued simultaneously!

the lace system is special .

Michael Jordan’s shoe was banned by the NBA. Air Jordan 32 with   the ‘Rosso Corsa’ edition which pays tribute to its roots in Italy. In addition we have ‘Bellissimo’ on the inside of the tongue

“We’ve always explored new materials and technology to create the best game shoe,” said Michael Jordan in a statement. “That was evident when we went to Italy to make the II, and it still rings true today.

overall ,AIR JORDAN 32 will be surprised to us .let us stay tuned it on the website : .