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NIKE Air Foamposite Pro Performance Review

The vamp of Air Foamposite Pro is made of the integrated Foamposite moulding. The special appearance and design is very cool.

It also has top-level configuration. That’s why we love it.

The purple camouflage colorway is excellent. Although the unit weight is heavy, but after wearing, we haven’t felt the heavy weight.

The insole of Air Foamposite Pro has full-length ZOOM Air cushion and U-shaped ZOOM air cushion on rear sole. After breaking-in, the feedback is great.

The big carbon plate offers great stability. And the vamp is foamposite material, so the overall stability is excellent.

We are satisfied at the cool appearance and great cushion performance. It’s easy to break-in. The insole is soft and feedback is great. It’s fast to break through.

But we’re unsatisfied at the weight and the paint-shedding. The surface paint is easy to be removed when playing basketball. In additionally, the forefoot is easy to deform, and the shoe-pad is easy to slide. So you need to consider about it before purchasing.

Moreover, the air permeability is bad. It’s warm in Winter, but it’s impossible to wear it in Summer.

The fitness is good, but the shoe heel is a little easy to loosen. It should be due to the heavy weight and big carbon plate. But the foamposite material has good support performance.

The durability of the sole is good. We have played about 10 basketball games, but we haven’t found the abrasion of the herringbone on the outsole .

The anti-rollover design is good. The center of gravity is not too high. The outboard material is stiff. Due to the double layers rear sole deign, the rear insole is a little high.

Overall, both of the appearance and performance of Air Foamposite Pro is great. It’s worthy to choose it if you like it.