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The Characteristics of brand-new Adidas Ultraboost Light

In 2013, Adidas unveiled the epochal Boost insole technology to the world for the first time, which not only revolutionized the insole technology of running shoes, but also introduced the benchmark Ultraboost running shoes. After 10 years of testing, Adidas brings a new revolutionary innovative materail Light Boost to create the lightest Boost to create the lightest Ultaboost Light running shoes. Comparing with Ultraboost 22, it not only reduces the weight of insole by 30%, but also increases the resilience force by 4%, and further reduces the carbon footprint by 10%, helping runners to feel the upgraded foot feeling.

Adidas Ultraboost Light re-evolves the classic Boost insole technology. The insole consists of many energy capsules. When the foot touches the ground, hundreds of the Boost energy capsules immediately detonate their energy, giving extreme shock resistance, comfort and feedback to the foot.

  • Light BOOSTinsole: comparing with previous BOOST, the unit intensity is 30% lighter. It’s very light.
  • E.P anti-rollover system: it optimizes the L.E.P anti-rollover system shape, from X to U. It can strengthen the insole, improve the resilience and stability. The whole resilience is increased to 4%.
  • PRIMEKNIT+ vamp: It uses PRIMEKNIT+ material, which offers excellent air permeability and comfort level. It’s soft like socks, and offers great fitness to the foot.
  • Continental™outsole: The nature high-performance rubber material can grip the ground well to overcome different weather and road conditions.
  • Carbon footprint emissions: comparing with previous generation, it reduces 10% carbon footprint. It’s a pair of light and environmental running shoes.

Adidas Ultraboost Light has several colorways. The main model ‘Dynamic red’ highlights the lively tone with vivid orange and light blue, while the details of the vamp also maintain the classic Ultraboost style. The women’s model collected and analyzed the feet and steps of 1.2 million female runners. Further optimizing the support and comfort of heel, arch and instep, and developing a shoe model more suitable for women. The 10th anniversary limited color scheme ‘classic black’ was released at the same time. The inspiration comes from the first pairs of shoes using Boost technology-Energy Boost. There are many colorways for your choice.

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