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Unboxing and Closed Look: Adidas Pro Boost

Today we will unbox the newest Adidas basketball shoes Pro Boost. I have expected it for a long time.

Size:US8.5 EUR42

Unit Weight:398g

The size of Adidas Pro Boost is half size bigger than normal size, so we suggest you to purchase half size smaller. Of course, it’s better to have a try on physical store.

Why did I expect for it? The reason is, Adidas uses double insole technology in it.

Actually, Adidas released ADIZERO TAKUMI SEN 6 which uses double insole technologies (Boost and Lightstrike) in March.

The Boost and Lightstrike technologies are not only overlayed, but they are merged. The Boost is put inside. We can see that it shows ‘boost inside’on the outsole.

Accordingly, Lightstrike are on outside, it covers the Boost.

After testing several basketball shoes which are Boost insole or Lightstrike insole, I think that the double insole technologies of Pro Boost is workable.

The Boost insole is soft and elastic. But Lightstrike is stiffer than Boost. So Lightstrik covering the Boost can prevent the Boost deforming.

The drop height of forefoot sole and rear sole is not big. It has a groove design on the outsole, which is convenient for exerting force.

The vamp design is not amazing. It has a piece of leather on the shoe head.

The white part is the material which is similar to chamois leather.

It mainly uses Primknit material on the vamp. It’s great.

The lining of PrimeKnit vamp is thick. So we need to test to see the actual air permeability.

It also has Adidas logo on inner side and outer side of vamp.

There are 4 shoelaces buckles. This kind of shoelaces buckles don’t have good fastening effect.

It uses leather material on the shoe heel. The built-in counter is not big. The padding of shoe heel is quite small.

The most creative design of vamp is the outer cover. It looks like an independent shoe tongue, but also looks like a cover.

The shoelaces are connecting via the outside of cover, not inside. So that it has a extra shoe tongue.

The outsole is herringbone pattern, and it’s crystal outsole.

The overall design and material of Adidas Pro Boost is good. It doesn’t have big lightspot, but we expected the double insole technologies.