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Adidas Harden Vol.3 Performance Review

Today we want to talk about the performance of Adidas Harden Vol.3.

I’m satisfied at Adidas Harden VOL.3. The overall performance of Harden VOL.3 is good. It’s classic low model design with Adidas Boost technology. The air permeability of leather vamp is bad. And the leather of shoe head and shoe heel is easy to be gauffered.

The fitness and supporting performance of Harden VOL.3 is excellent. The shoe heel is filled with foams. The shoe tongue is thick. After fastening the shoelaces, it can fit the foot very well.

When moving and turning, we can feel the feedback from vamp. And the vamp is not easy to deform. If your ankle is hurt before, the protecting effect will be better with ankle guard. My feet haven’t been sprained.

I think that Harden Vol.3 is also suitable for defenders.

The most satisfied part of Harden Vol.3 is the feedback and supporting performance. As it reduces the Boost material of forefoot, so the feedback is obviously, it’s fast to start.

I don’t like the cushion of Harden Vol.3. It changes the thick Boost of Harden Vol. 2. The Boot is thinner. It’s soft in the beginning, but after playing several basketball games, it’s getting to be stiff. The cushion performance is not good if jumping to the ground.

If you have high request for the cushion performance, we suggest you to purchase Harden Vol. 2 or Harden Vol. 4

The traction performance is great. I haven’t slipped on the wood floor or plastic cement. The outsole is crystal rubber. As you know, the traction performance of herringbone is good. The durability of outsole is great.

Overall, Harden Vol.3 has good supporting performance, anti-rollover performance, traction performance and durability. If you don’t have high request for the cushion performance, you can try it.

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adidas Harden Vol. 3 Performance Review

Like a new album that every singer release every year, James Harden has released the third  sneakers from Vol.1 to the Vol.3. Whether it is a shoe fan or a fan, you can feel this. The first adidas Harden Vol.1 has been a charming and  after the adidas Harden Vol.2 part of the stick continues the first generation of design style, the upper structure is almost a major renovation, this year’s adidas Harden Vol.3 published has also caused many netizens’ curiosity, like “this pair “The basketball shoes are so low” or “the appearance is closer to the street, and the stadium doesn’t know how to wear them.” These questions are based on the experience of these two weeks of intensive testing.

We will check the adidas Harden Vol.3 shoes today.


Harden sneakers pictured here feature a new elastic band between the forefoot and midfoot that bares Harden’s signature. The shoe flaunts huge roman numerals on the medial side — 13, Harden’s jersey number — and rides atop a new Boost tooling that appears to be completely uncaged. Finally, the toe has gotten some fuse reinforcements for those that toe-drag.


Maybe a friend will be surprised. Seemingly the Harden Vol.3, will be more smaller, actually this shoe has an inner space . For example, Harden vol.3  brings unexpected advantages in size and shape. After the actual comparison by adidas Harden Vol.2 and adidas Harden Vol.3 in the same size ,the look of  Harden Vol.3 will be more the entire outsole is even a little bigger than the outsole of the Harden Vol.2, which brings the benefits of stability on the basketball court and it can be used in a smooth design without any loss.

Another point is that we can see that the Boost midsole of Harden Vol.3 cancels the transparent coating.This design shift can reduce the weight. On the other hand, it also has a smoother front and rear movement. The stability required by the basketball player is balanced by the reduced Boost thickness. In the first impression, I will remember the feeling of Pureboost’s foot.


For the material .Because of  Harden’s basketball  skill , the Harden Vol.2 with Forgefiber material  which more protection .The upper has always been a “protection zone” for this series of shoes.But the Vol.3 is different. it is  just using  the Primeknit upper.: it is will be soft ,unlike Derrick Rose’s next sneaker, which uses a Primeknit upper, the Harden Vol 3 here uses what appears to be a tight mesh with thick backing .

Maybe there is a friend who has the problem of “Is the upper enough protection our feet ?” However, the elasticated leather ring is matched with the non-ductile synthetic fiber material, also the  reinforcing plastic together , Harden Vol The .3 still has a very high degree of protection. The stability of the forefoot is enough to protect with our feet .

In addition to the elastic band of the elastic band in the inner and outer sides of the forefoot, there are hard materials to enhance the stability of the left and right sides. This area is also a key area when the soles are bent. There is no discomfort or impediment to bending during playing, but when you move left and right, you will feel the effect on the stability of your feet.

For the supporting :

Since the silver-gray ice colorway available at the same time, I can see the Harden Vol.3 Y-type embedded in the midsole. The anti-distortion piece almost spans the entire sole of the foot! The stability of the foresole is undoubted; The first impression for this shoes must the midsole design of the adidas Harden Vol.3 ,it has become more affixed and more suitable. The setting of the defensive speed style, but the low-profile upper does not provide the protection, which is a bit unsuitable for some friends.Although the large-area outsole and the anti-distortion piece still ensuring a stable effect.



For the traction:  the shoe features full-length herringbone with support placed at the high-wear zones that help most with traction.The Harden Vol 3 puts a focus on stability and traction and it is designed to help Harden “slow down fast.”“This shoe means a lot to me. Our challenge is to come back and [get] better every year, and I really think we’ve been doing that,” said James Harden in a statement.

There is  Y-shaped anti-twist sheet in the midsole extends from the heel to the forefoot to avoid unnecessary deformation of the soles and maintain stability.We can look it closely  the outer bottom texture of Harden Vol.3 varies in thickness depending on the area, such as the part of the forefoot and the heel, which is thickened to improve wear resistance.


It is  the same setting of the bottom of the shoe with different colorway.

The heel part of the adidas Harden Vol.3 stands out like a shoehorn. It is a pretty bold breakthrough for the shoe fans. It is as impressive as the shape of the Ultraboost heel, and it has been impressive for a long time.Adidas  still getting used to it, in fact, in the way of James Harden’s play, this cushion-like heel seems to be imaginable, providing protection for Achilles in an extremely low-profile shape.After several practical wearing experiences, due to the proper filling around the ankles, wearing low stockings and walking for a long time with the actual combat ,we  still the shoes is comfortable .


Overall, At the same time, the appearance and function are more great. At the same time, some friends may feel that the Vol.3 less exciting elements compare with  the previous two version, but they are still quite great shoes! At the same time, it has a design that is more eye-catching and more integrated into the overall design.