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The Performance Review of Adidas Harden Vol.2

The Adidas Harden Vol.2 California Dreamin’ is the setting sun of LA with the scrawl of palm, which reflect the California dream of every big boy born in Los Angeles, and it’s also the Harden’s California dream.


The shoebox design of Adidas Harden Vol.2 California Dreamin’ is the same as Harden Vol.1. The golden words and Harden’s personal logo.

The only difference is the golden VOL.2 words on the corner of shoebox.

For the size, as different people, the foot type is also different, so it’s better to have a try. The inner length of Harden Vol.2 EUR43 1/3 is 275mm. My instep is a little high and foot is a little fat, but I haven’t felt that the vamp presses my instep. The size is a little big to me.


The vamp uses ForgeFiber technology. The ventilated mesh fabric is seamed with a layer of TPU coating yarn to make sure the air permeability and tenacity, and it reinforce the protection to the toes.

It’s the first time that ForgeFiber technology use on the basketball shoes.

The vamp of Harden Vol. 2 has good air permeability, tenacity and durability. The vamp is comfortable.

The middle of vamp uses elastic belt design. And it seamed a piece of surrounding compound material on the elastic belt.

The compound material improves the supporting performance and fitness. And it has the function of shoelaces holes. You can adjust the position of shoelaces as per your request.

Actually, it has a piece of built-in TPU on the inner sleeve. With the surrounding compound and upturning thick rubber, it’s quite stable.

The soft TPU covering the Boost material increases the stability and anti-rollover performance.

Harden Vol.2 uses comfortable and thick full-length Boost material as insole. The Boost is black. You don’t need to worry about the yellowing problem.

The most surprised part of Harden Vol.2 is the full-length inner sleeve design. The front part of inner sleeve is ventilated double layers mesh fabric. It’s light and ventilated.

The rear part of inner sleeve uses elastic material. It’s easy to put on and take off. The full-length inner sleeve of Harden Vol.2 is comfortable and fit the foot very well. The fitness is improved a lot comparing with Harden Vol.1.

The Harden Vol.2 is low type design. The ankle part is opening design which offer enough flexibility to ankle. The cuff uses double layers uses double layers of hot-melting design to cover the edge.

The shoe-pad is normal PU material. It’s not thick.

The green shoe-pad is printed with Harden Vol.2

The outsole pattern of Harden Vol.2 was obtained by Adidas from the collection and analysis of Harden’s personal movement data. It still uses irregular pattern. It has a piece of built-in Y shape TPU between outsole and insole to stabilize the insole.

The unit weight of Harden Vol.2 size EUR43 is more than 500g. It’s too heavy. But the Boost insole is wide enough, it can offer fast energy feedback.

Height: 180cm

Weight: 90KG

Playing Position: SF/PF

Court: Outdoor rubber court

Comfort Level

Although it’s integrated full-length inner sleeve design, but  Harden Vol.2 is easy to put on and take off. It’s very comfortable.

The feeling and resilience of Boost insole is excellent.


The full-length inner sleeve fit the foot very well. The forefoot sole is wide. The shoe head design is flat. With the soft ForgeFiber vamp, it can fix the forefoot very well.

Supporting Performance

Harden Vol.2 uses full slice system outsole design. And it adds a piece of TPU supporting plate between outsole and Boost insole. The stability is good. The ForgeFiber technology improve the comfort level. With the big area of compound material, the overall supporting performance of Harden Vol.2 is excellent.


As a pair of low type basketball shoes, Harden Vol.2 can offer enough supporting performance. With the three layers of stability on the shoe heel, it can provide the excellent stability to heel. The vamp of ForgeFiber has high tenacity. And it makes reinforcement on the position of toes. The TPU covering the Boost improves the anti-rollover performance.

Cushion Performance:

The biggest difference of Harden Vol.2 with Harden Vol.1 is the adjustment of Boost insole. The black Boost is not easy to be yellowing. And the insole of Harden Vol.2 is thicker than Harden Vol.1. It’s soft. And the cushion performance is excellent. Harden Vol.2 should be the best pair of Boost basketball shoes which combines the comfort level and good cushion performance.

Traction Performance

The outsole pattern of Harden Vol.2 was obtained by Adidas from the collection and analysis of Harden’s personal movement data. It’s irregular pattern. Overall, the traction performance is good, it’s improved compared with Harden Vol.1.


The rubber material of Harden Vol.2 outsole should be the same as Harden Vol.1. It doesn’t need to worry about the durability on indoor court. But the durability should be bad if playing on outdoor court.

Air Permeability

Harden Vol.2 uses big area of mesh fabric. The air permeability is great.


Harden Vol.2 has excellent performance. The full-length Boost insole is comfortable and the cushion performance is excellent. The free shoelaces system can be adjusted by your request.  As the weight is not light, it won’t be suitable for the guys who like fast speed. Overall, the performance of Harden Vol.2 is good. If you don’t mind the heavy weight, you can have a try.

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Adidas Harden Vol.2 Performance Review

Harden Vol.2 is the second pair of Harden signature shoes after Harden signed with Adidas. Harden Vol.2 has been dogged by controversy for a long time before releasing.

The design of Adidas basketball shoes is more and more fashion in recent years. This pair of Harden Vol.2 is classic south coast colorway. The main colorway orange embellished with blue and green scrawl looks like sunshine seacoast.

The appearance of Harden Vol.2 inherits the design of last generation, but it changes the details.

The configuration of Harden Vol.2 is great.

It’s the first time that Adidas use ForgeFiber vamp technology on the basketball shoes. Even if seaming a layer of TPU on the ventilated mesh fabric, it can make sure that the shoes have good protection to the foot but also guarantee the air permeability.

Primeknit vamp has been used in many basketball shoes. But it’s soft, the supporting performance is good. This time the shoe head of Harden Vol.2 uses ForgeFiber technology. So, the supporting performance of shoe head is solved.

It uses compound material on both sides of vamp. The compound material is extending from the sides to shoe heel to offer support and stability. The user-defined shoelaces design is suitable for all kinds of instep. The compound material takes up one third of vamp, it offers more space for designing the colorway.

The outsole pattern of Harden Vol.2 is derived from Adidas’s collection and analysis of Harden’s motion data. The irregular outsole pattern design is almost the same as Harden Vol.1.

There are many details of Harden Vol.2 which come from the design of other basketball shoes. Adidas also do some effort to make it to be different with other shoes.

The edge of integrated shoe tongues is covered with elastic rubber.

The ankle part of Harden Vol.2 is also covered with rubber. It fit the foot very well. And the rubber material can also protect the ankle.

The pull-tab of shoe heel is obvious. This kind of ankle part design is tighter than Harden Vol.1. It’s more convenient for putting on and taking off.

The compound material on both sides of the shoes is inspired by the shape of milk basket.

The compound material on both sides offer stable supporting performance to the vamp. It guarantees the good air permeability by using mesh fabric inner sleeve.

The shoelaces use cylindrical design.

The insole of Harden Vol.2 uses expanding design. It offers good stability. The outboard soft TPU covers the Boost to protect the insole, and also offers the anti-torsion performance.

The shoe head uses Primeknit vamp with ForgeFiber technology.

It’s said that Harden Vol.2 uses the thickest Boost. And it’s black which avoid to be yellowing.

The outsole design of Harden Vol.2 is quite special. But the soft rubber is not durable.

Adidas always has TPU stabilizing device between insole and outsole, so do Harden Vol.2.

As a pair of signature shoes, we only find the Harden logo on the shoe tongue.

Although it makes lightweight design on the vamp, but the sole is heavy, the overall weight distribution is out of balance.

After wearing Harden Vol.2 for a period of time, I think that Harden Vol.2 is more suitable for walking.

The shoe head is tilted, so the starting speed is very fast.

The cushion performance of full-length Boost is great, it can reduce the impact to shoe heel.

For most of players, the most importable performance of basketball shoes is fitness, traction performance cushion performance and supporting performance.

  1. Fitness

Different density Primeknit with ForgeFiber vamp technology offer good fitness to the foot. The compound material and user-defined shoelaces can fix the foot very well.

  1. Cushion Performance

You must be familiar with the cushion performance of full-length Boost. The location of Harden Vol.2 is not speeding type basketball shoes. The density of Boost is high, it’s solid. The cushion performance is excellent.

  1. Traction Performance

As a pair of signature shoes, the traction performance is also very important.

The traction performance is qualified when running. It’s stable when turning or urgent stopping.

  1. Supporting Performance

The compound material with ForgeFiber technology on shoe head offers good supporting performance. But due to the soft Primeknit vamp, the lightweight design is discordant with the heavy Boost insole.



As the Harden signature shoes, Harden Vol.2 has integrated Harden’s playing way into every detail of the shoes. The overall performance is good, but it’s not suitable for every player. If you want high cushion performance and you like jump shot, Harden Vol.2 will be a good choice to you.