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Adidas Dame Lillard 6 Performance Review

If you ask me which pair of signature basketball shoes is cheap and worthy to purchase, I will choose Adidas Dame Lillard 6. Below is our performance review of Adidas Dame Lillard 6.

Appearance: 10 scores

I personally like the appearance of Adidas Dame Lillard 6. But different people, the opinion is different. I think not matter what colorway it is, the appearance is cool. I love the yellow and white colorway that I bought.

Support and Fitness: 8 scores

The size of Adidas Dame Lillard 6 is half size bigger than normal size. So if you choose the normal size, you will feel that the shoe head is a little empty. It has upturning design of outsole to both sides of vamp, and the vamp has good rigidness, so the supporting performance is good. The fitness of shoe heel is good.

Anti-torsion Performance: 10 scores

As we know, the anti-torsion performance of Adidas basketball shoes are on top level.

Anti-rollover Performance: 7.5 scores

Although it has obvious anti-rollover design on the forefoot, but the thick and soft insole and round rear sole design will bring some hidden risks for anti-rollover design. The extension design of outsole brings the stability to the thick forefoot insole.

Cushion Performance: 8.5 scores

The cushion performance of Lightstrike insole is excellent, it’s comfortable, even if you are heavy weight. Although the cushion performance of Lightstrike insole technology declines fast, but I think it’s no problem to play basketball games around 35-40 times.

Traction Performance: 9 scores

As you know, the crystal outsole is easy to get dust and slip. But the rubber outsole is not easy to slip till now. The traction performance of traditional herringbone pattern has good traction performance.

Durability: 6.5 scores

The durability of outsole is bad.

Air Permeability & Weight: 9 scores

As it uses mesh fabric, the air permeability of Adidas Dame Lillard 6 is good. The unit weight is light.

Suited Players: Although it’s a pair of basketball shoes for defenders, but it’s also suitable for some frontline and internal line players.


The appearance of Adidas Dame Lillard 6 is cool. The advantages are good protection, high comfort level, excellent cushion performance and traction performance, but I’m worried about the durability of outsole. The cost performance is high. It’s cheap. So it’s worthy to have a try if you like it.