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adidas D Rose 9 Performance Review

Derrick Rose was well on his way to becoming the most lucrative athlete that adidas ever had in the world of basketball,and his adidas D Rose 9 finally released in the July, 2018.  A slew of knee injuries derailed those plans, but it did not end the partnership between the two recognizable brands.

So we will look at it in this summer.

Rose debuted the D Rose 9 on-court during the playoffs, but retirement speculation is raising questions about the future of his relationship with Adidas. so maybe this one will be the last model of  the Rose.


Infused with Primeknit and Adiwear technology, this D Rose selection is one of the most comfortable basketball silhouettes the Three Stripes has to offer. this is the first feeling that I got it.As the last pair of the series, the Ross 9 , it is the witness of the  Derrick Rose’s experience. The entire upper is wrapped in Primeknit material, and its thickness and its own Adiwear technology make it comfort and useful on the court.



The heel part  also have a support  that  that gives the ankle extra protection. In terms of lacing design, Rose 9 uses a simple upper insert but no extra dynamic cable from the upper.and the D Rose 9th version uses a leather material as a decoration, and the exterior midsole is embroidered with Rose’s personal logo, while the TPU is added to lockdown and support the shoe.


Bootie construction with an extended pull-tab ,these design are great and this particular colorway, almost Spurs-like, is highlighted by festive, multicolor detailing along the lining and outsole.

For cushioning : Bounce can now protect against impact enough for Rose. the Rose 9 will be using Bounce instead of Boost.So the cushioning is more responsive than the D Rose 8 .The D rose 8  used the boost like the Crazy Light 2016 , if you enjoy this kind of boost , maybe you can choose the D rose 8 will be better, but the D rose 9 will be more responsive and comfortable.

D Ross 9 midsole cushioning performance can be said gerat, soft and tough, That is the Adidas tech as usually, but these shoes can meet the cushioning needs of most people.

Every time the fast stop then start , the compound fishbone traction can grab the floor. Compare with other’s pattern , this kind of shoes actually great , great wrapping. But in terms of wear resistance, this pair of shoes is definitely not as good as the actual Jordan shoes that were tested before. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy this pair of shoes in the outside


For the traction : the traction has always been a strong attribute in the D Rose line,the D rose 7, and  Drose 8 , all of the traction are great . As a player that relied on his speed and agility he needed a shoe that would be able to keep up with him from the ground up.However in terms of wear resistance, it is not good as usually , so just dont play in the outside. it will be wear fast.



For the wrapping :Through the slow-motion display, the sneakers are thicker, and the high-heeled collars protect the ankles when the players change direction. To prevent roller over when playing , the overall change of the sneakers is small. The Adiwear technolog part  also help a lot . According to different lacing methods, the Ross 9th has a looser chance of loosening the laces than other sneakers.

Then the wrapping actually is nice inside court, the specially grip will help a lot when  running and stop


I just give this shoes 77 score  ,maybe it will be better if the next version

Do I feel the translucent rubber was the cause? No, not this time. It felt like the pattern was the actual issue because it’s aggressive.

The weight of the sneakers,  the actual internal length is 285 mm for the size EUR44. The single sneaker is around 435g. In the field of high-top  sneakers,the setting just  a mid-level compare with others. The weight is also obvious when wearing it. The ventilation  actually is not as good as it is supposed to be. It is not recommended to wear sports for a long time.

Overall, the  D Rose 7  will be more like the  CrazyLight Boost ’16, then the D rose8 actually nice , but the D rose  9 continues to kill it as the latest three models from the Three Stripes offer something for everyone and none of which compromise any tech at all. Whatever a lot different colorway. Then  you can choose any one you like .