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Adidas Crazy BYW X 2.0 Performance Review

Today I want to talk my favorite 2020 Adidas basketball shoes–Adidas BYW X 2.0. It may be the most excellent basketball shoes of Adidas in this year.

Comprehensive Assessment:

Suited Court: indoor and outdoor court

Suited People: The player whose weight is under 90kg

Suited Foot type: normal size, it’s unsuitable for the guys who have high instep


Adidas BYW X 2.0 also uses different material for different colorway like many basketball shoes.

Although I prefer to the iridescent colorways, but the ventilated mesh legging of iridescent colorways don’t have good strength.

Although the grey one that we purchased is also knitted material, but the material is thicker, especially the lining.

The fitness of Adidas BYW X 2.0 is good. It’s also very comfortable.

The inner sleeve also improves the fitness. But it will be tight for you if your instep is high.

Although it doesn’t have obvious lining on the shoe heel, but the heel can be fixed well.

The overall supporting performance of Adidas BYW X 2.0 is good. The upturning TPU on the insole and outsole can offer extra support to vamp.


The insole of Adidas BYW X 2.0 uses full-length insole. The feedback of Adidas BYW X 2.0 Boost insole is perfect.

One of my favorite Boost basketball shoes is Marquee Boost, as it uses good material and it’s very comfortable. I think that the Boost insole of BYW is upgraded MB.

The cushion performance of adjusted Boost is excellent.

The forefoot is thin, the starting speed is fast. The feedback of forefoot sole is obvious. The rear sole is thick.

It has upturning design of outsole on the inner side. It can avoid the deformation of insole to keep the durability of cushion performance.

The biggest problem of Crazy BYW x 2 to me is, the TPU on the insole is uncomfortable. It needs time to break-in.


As you know, the traction performance of herringbone outsole is great.

After wearing about one month, it doesn’t have obvious abrasion on the outsole.


For anti-rollover performance, although the outsole extension is not obvious, but the stiff rubber on both sides are very thick, the rigidity is also good.

The center of gravity is also not high. So the stability is good.

Crazy BYW x 2 has torsion system, so anti-torsion performance is good. After bending it, we haven’t seen obvious deformation.

Fitness:9 scores

Supporting Performance:8 scores

Feedback of forefoot sole:7.5 scores

Cushion Performance of rear sole:8.5 scores

Anti-torsion Performance:9.5 scores

Anti-rollover Performance:8.5 scores

Traction Performance:9 scores

Protection:9 scores

Overall Supporting Performance:9 scores

Overall Stability:9 scores

Overall:87 scores

Adidas Crazy BYW x 2 is very comfortable. It’s perfect for me. I’m satisfied at it. It doesn’t have the disadvantages for me. The appearance is cool and it has several colorways. Do you like it?

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Closed Look & Unboxing: Adidas BYW X 2.0

Today let’s have a closed look at Adidas BYW X 2.0

Size: US9 EUR 42 2/3

Unit Weight: 404g

Size: Normal size

The appearance of Adidas BYW X 2.0 is cool, especially the mint green and orange colorways. The one that I purchased is the grey colorway.

The shoebox of Adidas BYW X 2.0 is the same as Streetball. It’s classic Adidas blue shoebox. Its location should be a pair of basketball culture sneaker.

The grey colorway that I purchase is different with other colorways. The main difference is vamp.

The vamp of the fluorescence colors (mint green and orange colorways) has a layer of semi-transparent fabric. But the grey one doesn’t have the same vamp.

But the material of vamp is complicated. It uses big area of ventilated mesh fabric, but the lining is thick, so we don’t need to worry about the supporting performance.

There are two pieces of small knitted stiff material on the inner side and outer side of forefoot. And the vamp has flocking material.

Adidas BYW X 2.0 has half inner sleeve design. The material of inner sleeve is special, it’s elastic type. And it has 5 pairs of shoelaces buckles.

The lining of shoe heel is thick, it’s not easy to loosen when moving.

The insole of Adidas BYW X 2.0 is Boost, as you know, the full name of BYW is Boost You Wear.

BTW, do you know what FYW means? That is, Feet You Wear.

The insole of Adidas BYW X 2.0 hasn’t been exposed a lot. It’s covered by the upturning outsole, it’s to avoid the deformation of insole.

Except the Boost insole, the most attracting part to me is the anti-torsion design. The TPU is extended from insole to vamp, which offers good supporting performance and anti-torsion performance.

The TPU on the inner side and outer side is very stiff.

The outsole is made of rubber. So I think that the abrasive resistance of outsole should be good.

The grain of outsole is interesting, it has two small hollow out, it looks like two small eyes.

The main grain is herringbone. As you know, the traction performance of herringbone outsole is great. And we can see that the midsole is black.

Actually the shape and grain of Adidas BYW X 2.0 is similar to FYW.

Overall, the appearance of Adidas BYW X 2.0 is cool, and it has good configuration. There are many NBA players who already wear Adidas BYW X 2.0, including Curry and LaVine. We will test the performance of Adidas BYW X 2.0 soon.