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Adidas Adizero Boston 8 Performance Review

I’m the fans of Adidas Adizero Boston series running shoes. It’s comfortable when running. Adidas is always the main sponsor of Boston Marathon. The Boston series running shoes are also popular with the runners. Today let’s have a look at the performance of Adidas Adizero Boston 8.


The main colorway is black and white. It’s concise. Except the white Adidas logo on the side of vamp. The rear side of shoe heel is decorated with gloss black Adidas logo. The main color of the vamp is black. The outsole is also mainly black sole. The middle stabilizing system uses orange colorway and keeps some original Boost color. The unit weight of Adizero Boston 8 in US8 is about 242g, it’s almost the same weight as Adizero Boston 7. It’s light.


Adizero Boston 8 also uses two-layer of different material in the insole. The upper layer uses EVA(Ethylene Venyl Acetate)which plying-up in the Boost from the heel to toes. The parts of toes also uses EVA material. EVA has good cushion performance and is soft, moreover, it’s useful for antifatigue. It can keep long time elasticity, good cushion performance and the stability.

The sublayer uses Boost from shoe heel to forefoot sole which can offer good supporting performance and feedback to you when running. To neutralize the Boost elastic energy, with Torsion System stabilizing structure, the design of Adizero Boston 8 is different with previous generation. The shape of Torsion System is gridding type which can increase the extension and elasticity. 

Outsole details:

Adizero Boston 8 uses Stetch Web rubber outsole. It can be flexible and extending. With the elastic poroid design and Continental rubber, it can develop the Boost performance to maximum and the traction performance is excellent. It’s very stable when running. The Energy Rail design can stabilize the paces and also guide the running track.


The previous Boston series are classic type. I’m the fans of Boston series running shoes. So when Adidas Adizero Boston 8 was released, I went to purchase it without hesitate. The insole uses two different material EVA and Boost which has great cushion performance, energy feedback and antifatigue. The Torsion System structure make you remaining stable and won’t warp. The feedback will be faster.

The Stetch Web outsole with Continental rubber offer great traction performance. The durability is also good.

BTW, the vamp of Adidas Adizero Boston 8 is changed to flexible knitted way. The elasticity of shoe head is not good, so it’s a little narrow when putting one. It’s easy to press the toes. I suggest you to wear thin socks or choose half size bigger.